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Dovecot is an open source IMAP and POP3 server for Linux/UNIX-like systems, written with security primarily in mind.
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Tags: email mda mbox maildir filter
Procmail can be used to create mail-servers, mailing lists, sort your incoming mail into separate folders/files (real convenient when subscribing to one or more mailing lists or for prioritising your mail), preprocess your mail, start any programs upon mail arrival (e.g. to generate different chimes on your workstation for different types of mail) or selectively forward certain incoming mail automatically to someone.
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Tags: synchronization email imap mail maildir
OfflineIMAP is a bidirectional IMAP/Maildir synchronization tool aimed to augment your mail reader. With OfflineIMAP, you can read the same mailbox from multiple computers and have your changes (deletions, flags, etc.) be automatically reflected on all computers. It also lets you read mail offline (perhaps on a laptop) and synchronize all changes when you get connected again.

You can also use OfflineIMAP to read IMAP mail with mail readers that do not support IMAP, or support it poorly (...

Xfce Mailwatch Plugin
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The Xfce Mailwatch Plugin is a plugin for the Xfce Panel that allows you to monitor several mailboxes for new messages. Various mailbox types are supported, including remote POP3 and IMAP (plaintext and SSL/TLS), as well as local mbox, maildir, and mh-maildir mailboxes. GMail account checking is also supported.
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newmail is a command line utility to check for new/unread mail in a recursive Maildir++ folder structure. It is written in pure ANSI C, should work on any POSIX compatible system, and can be used for other stuff—like, for example, in combination with Mutt—too.
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maildirman copies held messages from Mailman's moderator queues to a Maildir. After you move messages to "spam" and "non-spam" folders, it feeds them through SpamAssassin's Bayesian learner, and tells Mailman to discard or accept, as appropriate. This allows you to manage both list moderation and spamassassin training via a local MUA, a standard IMAP client, maildirsync, or any number of other standard mail-handling mechanisms, rather than only through the Mailman web interface.
Mail Migration
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Tags: imap mailbox python mbox maildir imaperyx
Mail Migration is a suite of classes and scripts to move mail between different storage formats (such as mbox, Maildir, etc). It's written in python, and grew out of a simple wrapper around the standard library's mailbox module.
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mairix is a program for indexing and searching email messages stored in Maildir, MH or mbox folders.

It is very fast at indexing and searching mails, and creates a virtual folder containing the search results.

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A python script that lists email in the configured boxes. Supports only Maildir mail boxes.

Ideal for use in the shell prompt, or screen hardstatus line Usage:

clbiff [-1]


-1 : Displays a one line (no newline character) summary of mailboxes.


Edit the clbiff file and change the line defining "boxes" near the start of the file. The format is

[(full path to maildir, name, short name), ...]

Screen shots:


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Tags: crud maildir database archive email perl
This project aims to create a Perl library that allows for storage and retrieval of email messages in a database.
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Tags: gmail maildir python
GMail Clone for reading mail from a local Maildir directory.
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Tags: quota exim maildir
maildirquotad is used in conjunction with exim. exim has no builtin facility for checking the quotas of a mailbox at RCPT TO time. And when you have many MX servers and only one mailhub that stores mail data it became a real problem. Say, MX server has received mail, but mailhub defers it because recipient's mailbox is full. But MX already has said to remote server that mail had been successfully delivered.
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Tags: mailbox maildir mbox sysadmin email python
A Python program and set of modules for managing Maildir and mbox email archives. On top of Python 2.5's mailbox module, this project provides:

Frameworks for email classification logic and mailbox maintenance actions A built-in collection of well-tested rules and actions that will suffice for many use cases Additional exception handling and runtime consistency tests Simple and extensible YAML configuration Logging of mailbox maintenance actions The target audience for this application i...

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E-mail is the 'flow' in the work flow of many people. Consequently, one spends a lot of time searching for old e-mails, to dig up some important piece of information. With people having tens of thousands of e-mails, this is becoming harder and harder. How to find an e-mail in an evergrowing haystack?

Enter mu.

'mu' is a set of command-line tools for Linux/Unix that enables you to quickly find the e-mails you are looking for. First, a tool called mu-index fills a database with infor...

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Tags: maildir linux mysql ajax postfix webmail php
该邮件系统特点:安全,高效,容易配置!所有管理操作均可以通过Web界面来完成! 平台:linux FreeBSD Mat:postfix 管理程序:PHP Web



该邮件系统特点: 1.安全,有防病毒模块。 2.高效,邮件读取采用PHP语言,直接读取MailDir文件,Mat在收到邮件经过过滤以后,直接把邮件主题和相关信息插入到MySQL数据库。 3.容易,完全脱离直接改写配置文件的传统方法。采用web界面管理...