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Apache ActiveMQ
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Apache ActiveMQ is a fast Message Bus which supports many Cross Language Clients and Protocols and many advanced features while fully supporting JMS 1.1 and J2EE 1.4.
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The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE) is a freely available, open-source object-oriented (OO) framework that implements many core patterns for concurrent communication software. ACE provides a rich set of reusable C++ wrapper facades and framework components that perform common communication software tasks across a range of OS platforms.
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JORAM (Java Open Reliable Asynchronous Messaging) is an open source implementation of the JMS (Java Message Service) 1.1 API. It provides access to a really distributed MOM (Message Oriented Middleware), built on top of the ScalAgent D.T. agents based platform and used within many critical operational applications.

Stable versions of JORAM are JMS 1.1 certified. Moreover JORAM is used by JOnAS to undergo the J2EE 1.4 certification, and has passed all tests concerning JMS 1.1 certification ...

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Fura is a self-contained grid middleware that allows the grid enablement and distribution of applications on heterogeneous computational resources. Fura features a web-based GUI, wizard-guided installation and configuration, and Web Services compliance. Fura's component based plug-in architecture allows grid services to be extended or replaced, and new services can be developed reusing existing components.
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ProActive is the Java GRID middleware library (with Open Source code under GPL license) for parallel, distributed and multi-threaded computing. ProActive is the GRID Application Server for the Enterprise.

With a reduced set of simple primitives, ProActive provides a comprehensive API to simplify the programming of Grid Computing applications: distributed on Local Area Network (LAN), on clusters of workstations, or on Internet GRIDs.

ProActive is only made of standard Java class...

SandGlass Time Tracking System
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SandGlass is an Employee Timesheet Tracking application for Small and Medium Enterprises(SME). It is a web based application capable of running in a web server and accessed through a web browser. It is developed in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.
Mirth HL7 Engine
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Mirth is an HL7 interface gateway that allows for message filtering, transforming, and routing. Creating HL7 interfaces for existing systems becomes easy using the rich client interface and channel creation wizard which associates applications with Mirth engine components. All configuration is done through a Java client which can connect remotely, and channels (HL7 interfaces) are easily configured, imported and exported using this interface. Once channels are properly configured, they can the...
Open MPI
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Open MPI is a project that originated as the merging of technologies and resources from several other projects (FT- MPI, LA-MPI, LAM/MPI, and PACX-MPI) in order to build the best MPI library available. A completely new MPI-2 compliant implementation, Open MPI offers advantages for system and software vendors, application developers, and computer science researchers. It is easy to use, and runs natively on a wide variety of operating systems, network interconnects, and batch/scheduling systems.
Equalizer - Parallel Rendering
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Equalizer is an open source programming interface and resource management system for scalable OpenGL applications. An Equalizer application can run unmodified on any visualization system, from a singlepipe workstation to large scale graphics clusters and multi-GPU workstations. Equalizer is built upon a parallel OpenGL-based programming interface solving problems that are common to any multipipe application. The API is minimally invasive, making application porting as easy as possible while deli...
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Implementation of PGM reliable multicast protocol.
FUSE Message Broker (e'prise ActiveMQ)
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FUSE Message Broker is an open source, enterprise version of Apache ActiveMQ. This enterprise release is tested, certified and supported.

FUSE Message Broker is a JMS platform providing high performance, unlimited scalability, and mission-critical reliability for distributed enterprise computing. FUSE Message Broker is a cost-effective and flexible messaging platform for reliably executing transactions and moving data, efficiently scaling operations, and connecting processes across heterog...

LiMiddle: Linux middleware for Windows
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Tags: virtualization middleware linux
The objective of this project is to construct a Linux platform prepared for Windows virtualization. The Linux platform will be a minimum boot system with an good hardware detection. It will act like an intermediate layer between the hardware and the Windows image booting in a virtualization fashion. In that way it is possible to produce an ambient where the same image of Windows can boot in any hardware without any modification.
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Tags: web linux python middleware grid
Minimum intrusion Grid (MiG) is an attempt to design a new platform for Grid computing which is driven by a stand-alone approach to Grid, rather than integration with existing systems. The goal of the MiG project is to provide Grid infrastructure where the requirements on users and resources alike is as small as possible (minimum intrusion). MiG strives for minimum intrusion but will seek to provide a feature rich and dependable Grid solution.

If you don't know MiG already you may want to...

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LAM/MPI is a high-quality open-source implementation of the Message Passing Interface specification, including all of MPI-1.2 and much of MPI-2. Intended for production as well as research use, LAM/MPI includes a rich set of features for system administrators, parallel programmers, application users, and parallel computing researchers.

This project is deprecated in favor of Open MPI.

Apache ActiveMQ-CPP
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ActiveMQ-CPP is a fast C++ client for the ActiveMQ Message broker.
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Tags: sharing resource soap linux middleware
Система совместного использования ресурсов (Resource Sharing System) является middleware. Разрабатывается на C и под Linux. Предполагает смешанную сервисно-обектно-ориентированную архитектуру за многоуровневой организации. В сервисно-ориентированной части используется SOAP поверх HTTP.
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Tags: sharing linux middleware
Система совместного использования
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Tags: sharing c linux middleware
Распределенная клиент-серверная среда
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Tags: win32 linux c rpc middleware
FACE here means Fast Communication Engine, a network library which enable developers to write network related code faster.
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Tags: windows uiprogramming middleware linux php java oracle websphere aix
The project has notes and documentation on Linux, WebSphere ND, AIX, Oracle, Windows, WebSphere MQ, Networking, Java Programming, UI programming, etc.