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Axis2 (Java)
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Apache Axis2 is a complete re-design and re-write of the widely used Apache Axis SOAP stack to build on the lessons learnt from Apache Axis.

Apache Axis2 not only supports SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2, but it also has integrated support for the widely popular REST style of Web services.

Apache CXF
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Apache CXF simplifies the construction, integration, and flexible reuse of technical and business components using a standards-based, service-oriented architecture (SOA). CXF is a merger of two prior OSS projects - Celtix ObjectWeb and XFire projects. CXF support JAX-WS, RESTful and POJO for the building Web Services. CXF support SOAP, JMS, CORBA and more.
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The Open Web SSO project provides core identity services to simplify the implementation of transparent single sign-on as a security component in a network infrastructure. It provides the foundation for integrating diverse web applications that might typically operate against a disparate set of identity repositories and are hosted on a variety of platforms such as web and application servers.
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Lightweight REST framework for Java

Do you want to embrace the architecture of the Web and benefit from its simplicity and scalability?

Leverage our innovative REST engine and start blending your Web Sites and Web Services into uniform Web Applications!

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PEtALS is the highly distributed Open Source ESB hosted by OW2. PEtALS delivers OW2 JavaTM Business Integration (JBI) platform.

PEtALS provides lightweight and packaged integration solutions, based on JSR-208 specifications, with a strong focus on distribution and clustering.

PEtALS helps you to integrate your Enterprise Business Units in order to provide a value added global solution. By assembling all your enterprise elements, you can provide new applications by re-using some exist...

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WSF/PHP is an extension for PHP that supports SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, and other advanced Web Services standards such as WS-Addressing, WS-RM, WS-Security, MTOM, easily in PHP.

WSO2 Web Services Framework/PHP (WSO2 WSF/PHP), is a PHP extension based on Apache Axis2/C and WSO2 WSF/C for providing and consuming Web Services in PHP.

WSO2 WSF/PHP supports both SOAP 1.2 and SOAP 1.1, WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0 in WSDL mode and WSDL generation, WS-Security (UsernameToken, signing and encryption), bi...

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WSO2 WSAS (Previously known as Tungsten) is an integrated Web services Platform which offers a complete middleware solution. It is a lightweight, high performing platform for Service Oriented Architectures, enabling business logic and applications. Bringing together a number Apache Web services projects, WSO2 WSAS provides a secure, transactional and reliable runtime for deploying and managing Web services.

New Features In WSAS 2.0

* Data services support
* Ecli...

WSO2 Mashup Server
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The WSO2 Mashup Server is a platform for creating, deploying, and consuming Web services in the simplest fashion possible.
It Relies on:

* Support for consuming and deploying services using dynamic scripting languages
* Trivial deployment and redeployment
* Automatic and UI-based generation of Web services artifacts (e.g. wsdl, schema, policy)
* Provide gateways into a variety of information sources, including SOAP and...

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MindTouch Dream is a .Net library for REST-oriented programming. It ships with a REST micro-server for Windows and Linux (thanks to Mono) that can be embedded into applications or used as a standalone .Net REST web-server. Dream is open source, written in C#, and licensed under LGPL.

The mission of Dream is to make REST-oriented programming as simple as possible without introducing abstractions that obfuscate the versatility of HTTP.

Dream provides a concurrency and asynchronous exe...

JBoss Web Services
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JBoss Web Services Framework
WSO2 Data Services
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NEW: Latest release can be downloaded from http://dist.wso2.org/products/wsas/wso2wsas-2.2.zip

* Data Services provides a simple mechanism to expose
data stored in a relational data via a Web service API.
• Data is no longer locked away in a database but also
available for mashing up with other data on the Web.
* XML response is generated using database data.
* Expose CRUD operations performed on a relational

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Create Web Services with PHP5 in minutes. InstantSVC (pronounced as Instant Services) provides a set of tools to ease your development. You just need to document your object oriented PHP code with PHPDocumentor in order to generate Web Services from it - SOAP Services as well as RESTful Web Services.

Features of InstantSVC include an Extended Reflection API with information about data types, Annotations for PHP, a WSDL generator conform to WS-I Basic Profile, a Document/literal adapter gen...