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Python Paste
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Tags: middleware wsgi python
Python Paste helps Python web development and web application installation by providing tools for both developers and system administrators. Among other things, Python Paste includes a variety of middleware components to develop, test, configure, and run WSGI applications.
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Tags: web middleware framework python wsgi
Welcome to Gouge Framework projectGouge Framework is (yet another) Python Framework. Lately I started rewriting it from scratch (previously I had intended to code in PHP), so the source tree is not impressive at all for the moment. But I am working this out :-) Alas, I have not much time to spend on this brilliant project, so progress would be rather slow. Stay tuned.


Mateusz Neumann

Subversion repository of Gouge is available at http://gouge.googlecode.com/svn/tr...

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Tags: response web wsgi middleware python http
httpy is middleware to smooth over WSGI's most glaring warts. It barely hides start_response/return under a Response object. WSGI is a low-level web programming standard for Python.
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Tags: sitemap cocoon middleware wsgi pipeline xml framework web python
Current version: 0.2a5 (alpha for developers), 2007-04-12

Attention: The project has been suspended for a while. For further information contact us via the mailing list.

Pycoon is a Python WSGI web development framework which allows XML processing pipelines to handle HTTP requests based on URI pattern matching. It is similar in intention to the Apache Cocoon framework. Pycoon uses sitemap file format compatible with Apache Cocoon Sitemap 1.0.

The architecture of Pycoon focus...

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Tags: web python mod-rewrite rewrite middleware wsgi
WSGIRewrite is a path rewriter WSGI middleware that uses the same syntax as the (in)famous `mod_rewrite` module for Apache.