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A port of the Acid Framework for Windows Mobile devices with OpenGL ES support.

Acid Framework

This code was developed against a HTC Diamond. Not tested on other platforms.

Note: This is a work in progress, currently using floating point math instead of fixed. Despite this, performance is good as is.

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Tags: 3d mobile graphics opengl android java
Android-GL contains a series of implementations of tutorials for OpenGL programming in the Google Android SDK.

It also contains some utilities that might be generally useful to other folks.

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Arrrg!What is? J2ME Ship battle game

Development Status? Slow start-up. Hoping to get time for it.

Would you like to help us? JOIN NOW!

We need:

3D Artist to create the model of the ships. 2D Artist / Designer to create backgrounds, scenes and screens. J2ME (or willing to learn) Developers

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Tags: 3d bluetooth multiplayer mobile
flunker is a fps kind of multiplayer 3d game for mobile devices. It runs on bluetooth and implements the 3d graphics using the jsr184 api
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JGeek is an open source complete J2ME mobile strategy game. It can be used as the base framework for new mobile game or interested developers can learn a lot of techniques for developing better j2me games. JGeek consists of a persistency framework, a terrain building mechanism, an efficient graphic rendering mechanism and some AI algorithms. You can download a development version of the game from here.

See a video demo of the game from here

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The ProjectIRCE (Integrated Robot Control Environment) is a programming environment for mobile robot software control that makes use of the Player/Stage/Gazebo Project to simulate the robots behavior. Since it is a 3D simulation, actually only Player and Gazebo are used.

The application lets users to create 3D virtual worlds and place 3d models such as ground, walls (boxes) or cylinders and robots with its sensors such as a Pioneer2DX with a Sick LMS200 sensor.

Each robot control c...

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Tags: mobile iphone engine 3d android
Sol-Engine is a kind of open source 3d engine for mobile platforms. It is designed to support diverse platform and language. Engine of current version supports android platform, and engine will supports more platforms.

This engine doesn't have every functional feature of opengl-es because of problems of speed etc. But it would not so hard to add some functions that you want. If you add some functions for your app send us your new function according to license, and this engine will be exp...