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JSR-272 Eval Kit
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The Unofficial Home to JSR 272 Mobile TV API Tests and Evaluation

The JSR 272 Eval Kit will help you to evaluate the Usability of JSR 272 API, by featuring a collection of tests and use cases.

JSR 272 API, or Mobile Broadcast Service API for Handheld Terminals, is a standard effort lead by Nokia and Motorola to define a middleware-level API enabling the development of Mobile TV applications on J2ME. The JSR 272 initiative is part of Sun Java Community Process.


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Tags: video blackberry mobile api photo phanfare
Publicly released API libraries for various environments that allow access to the Phanfare service. Also any extra things I write.
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This project is dedicated to building and maintaining freely available connectors into the YouITrust.com trust network API.
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Tags: python ruby client api sms mobile zeep
With just a few lines of code, Zeep Mobile's API lets your web app communicate with your users over SMS. Zeep Mobile makes it easy to:

Manage your users' mobile content subscriptions Send and receive SMS content These libraries take care of the HTTP Header signing and posting to the HTTP endpoint.

Currently there is support for Ruby and Python.

If anyone would like to contribute a client for their favorite language be it Java, PHP or assembler please drop me a line. ...

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This is an in-depth developer example to show off the new AppWidget framework in the Android 1.5 SDK.

It offers multiple configurations (both a 2×1 and tiny 1×1), and updates four times daily with the latest forecasts. You can also insert multiple widgets to keep track of the weather in different locations. And tapping the widget brings up a detailed forecast for the next few days.

More details available on this blogpost: http://www.jsharkey.org/blog/2009/04/24/forecast-widget-for-...

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Tags: mobile web rest api delivr
IntroductionWhat is Delivr?SummaryAPI AccountsRate LimitsEncodingAuthenticationParametersREST API - Available/shorten/expand/infoREST API – Not Yet AvailableHTTP Status CodesError Messages

IntroductionThis documentation will provide you with an overview of the RESTful style API that Delivr has released to the public.

What is Delivr?Delivr is the simplest place to create and share mobileOK content. Our main goal is to provide the most streamline way to push content across social ser...

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Tags: calendar devices cell mobile gdata api data
The project goal is to develop a library for the Java ME platform that uses the GData protocol, to access data and services offered by Google.
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Google is hosting Hackathon in their office and other office. Feel free to join this project and use the resource here if you are the participants of the Hackathon google Japan hosts.

At first, please read the following documents.

Guildline of source code repository How to use this repository for OpenSocial Hackathon. (Japanese only) How to register your account to each SNS for OpenSocial Hackathon. (Japanese only)

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The cool hackers in the AndroidNYC Meetup Group are creating an Android app for meetup.com.

This is a stub - more to come.

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Tags: mobile api location pakistan
This project aims to provide location services to mobile application developers of Pakistan. We will develop tools and services that will enable mobile-applications to make use of users' current location.

Google announced Gears Geolocation API a few days back. That made me think: “What if an API like this is available for mobile-app developers of Pakistan!!”

Most mobile phones used by Pakistani users support application (either native or J2ME). If the developers have access to an A...