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CalemEAM Micro Locale
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Tags: mobile javame java jsr-238 application
CalemEAM MicroLocale is a library supporting internationalization (i18n). It is used in Calem Mobile Suites for handling user interface of dates, numbers, percent and currencies. Its key features include:

* It is designed for CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 so it can run on MIDP 2.0 phones without requiring CLDC 1.1.

* It is a thin implementation of most formatting functions of JSR 238 (Internationalization API) so applications can use the library without adding too much overhead. The...

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Tags: application pys60 mobile python
This is a S60 python extension module for getting list of applications info.

The applist function returns a list of tuples (Uid, caption, fullName). Uid is an integer.

import applist

apps = applist.applist()

This is used in SkyExplorer.

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Tags: application mobile contactsextended contacts android
Contacts with Presets a.k.a Contacts Extended. For the most current version of documentation see http://sxjthefirst.blogspot.com/2008/04/contacts-extended.html

Introduction: Contacts Extended is an extension of the typical contacts application that’s ships in almost all mobile phones. This application runs on the Android platform. It provides the functionality of the usual contacts applications plus a few “extended” features.

This application is a proof of concept and m...

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Tags: web mobile cloud application rich framework yui gwt java
Google & Yahoo Rich Application FrameworkA Framework based on GWT and YUI for Rich web applications

The ambition of this project is to provide an advanced framework for web applications. It will be based on:

-GWT for its advanced and unique features (Unified development environment (Java) Native AJAX capabilities Generation of optimized javaScript code UI debuging Junit capabilities ... )
-YUI because: The code is very well design, structured and promissing.


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Tags: service information rich framework web application mobile
The demos are self-proving
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Tags: game application java android mobile
Roiding Studio Code Repository
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Tags: pda cdc javaclass netbeans application mobile
Text Cryptology