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floAt's Mobile Agent
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FMA is a SMS Manager, Mobile Phone Monitor, Remote Control Agent, Phonebook Manager, Organizer, Fun and much more; whatever you want it to be, it is whatever a mobile phone should have :-) (Currently based on Sony Ericsson features set).
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Complete, lightweight and portable C# library for Facebook: gives complete access to Facebook functionalities (API, Chat and more), does browserless login and runs on Microsoft .net, Microsoft .net for Mobile (Compact Framework) and Mono.


On the 12th of February, 2009 I've received a "Cease and Desist" e-mail from Facebook's lawyers. As a result, the project will be closed at latest the 19th of February, 2009.

For now, the copies of that letter are kept personal. If you'd l...

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Java mobile IRC-client (J2ME)
jmIrc is a J2ME MIDlet allowing ie. cell phone owners to use IRC wirelessly. It should work on any device supporting MIDP 1.0 and also supports connecting through HTTP proxy server on phones that don't support the Java socket API.
All files are free software and thus GPL'd including the proxy code
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MiniIM is messaging client for jabber/xmpp protocol.
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Tags: pager pda mobile chat xhtmlbasic php
Chat for mobile phones, PDAs, pagers and settop boxes
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mobile-google-talk-http is an extension of the MGTalk J2ME application to support the HTTP Binding (JEP-124). The original MGTalk application is a well-done Jabber client for J2ME. It also supports some Google Talk specific features. However, it does not support an HTTP communication mechanism for Jabber (a.k.a HTTP Binding or JEP-124). For more info on the original MGTalk project see here: http://mgtalk.sou...
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Tags: mobile ruby chat xmpp jabber
"Monogiki (物聞(ものぎき) - 情報提供者。表面に表れている事を見聞きして味方に報告する者)" is a simple Jabber/XMPP chat client for web browser, especially on mobile phone that has a capability to browse chtml.

Originally, it was developed for sending messages to twitter through Google talk. It could be used to chat with any other resources, such as ja2en@bot.talk.google.com and en2ja@bot.talk.google.com.

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Android LocationAndroid Location (aka AL) is the social tool that instantly connects you to the people and places around you. Let your friends know what you are doing and where you are in real time from your mobile phone or computer!

EXPLORE what's happening in your area right now with live maps. Recommend places.

CONNECT with friends on the fly - find out what they are doing and where they are.

BROADCAST memorable moments as they happen by sharing videos and pictures fro...

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Tags: mysql mobile php chat
SummaryFeatherChat is a web-based chat program that uses as little data as possible to transmit conversations, as it is targeted towards mobile phone users. It also serves a double-purpose of being a persistent chat interface unlike messengers which lose all of the conversation when users close the program.

To host, it requires:

Web-server with PHP support. MySQL server. PEAR Mail is a recommended package for extending FeatherChat's functionality.

To use, you just need a we...

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Tags: mobile pocketpc chat
This project is hosted to serve all the Google-Talk lovers in all over the world, some Instant Messaging clients are available for Pocket-PCs but they will cost you much and after all they might not work well, sometimes there might be connection problems or other related failures.

Therefore we have hosted a new project to serve all the Pocket PC users with Google talk, so I invite all the C/C++ experts to join this project to make this a success...


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GTMobile is a client of Google Talk that run on java phones. Current release has been tested under SUN WTK 2.5beta. It requires CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0 support. Such phones like Nokia N70, Moto E680, SE W800, etc. GTMobile can automatically resize for any size of screen but not tested on real phones because I don't have such java phones.

Here is snapshot on SUN WTK 2.5:

Anyone who test this client on real phones please send me a snapshot, thanks!

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Tags: lbs 叽歪 twitter mobile chat android jiwai
May androiders join the fun of jiwai

see also http://twidroid.com/

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Tags: mobile chat xmpp im
Lampiro brings on your mobile phone the power of XMPP and GTalk, letting you connect and chat with your friends everywhere. Jabber is becoming a de facto standard in Instant Messaging (IM) with thousands of servers all around the world and by the increasing number of supporters like Gtalk. With the help of special services hosted on Bluendo Jabber servers (and many other Jabber servers in the world), Lampiro can connect you with your friends that use MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger ...
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Tags: chat mobile iphone irc colloquy
Colloquy for iPhone™ and iPod® touch puts the powerful and friendly IRC experience of the popular Mac IRC chat client right in the palm of your hand. Using on the same Chat Core framework as the Mac Colloquy application with an unintrusive mobile user interface.

The mobile version of Colloquy has moved to the official Colloquy source repository and is under active development by myself and others. If you are interested in helping out, let me (kiji) know in #colloquy-mobile on irc.freenode...