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actionatr air bluetooth browser-based converter decoder draw drawing gtd iphone j2me java javalayer mp3 mp3-player msa player productivity rails remote ruby swing todo web webcam web-remote
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A 100% java mp3 player, converter and decoder for server, desktop or mobile platforms.
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Actionatr is a hybrid web/desktop/mobile app for getting things done.
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Tags: java desktop mobile bluetooth
This project is made in Java and its purpose is purely educational(it's a school project) :D
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Tags: msa desktop mobile j2me
Telenor iLabs (innovation Labs) is a newly established initiative from Telenor R&I.

The rules of the game are changing in a way that is disruptive to the telecom business. iLabs want to be an active participant by exploring and learning to play the new game.

We believe that use of open source software, open apis and -standards in will increase the innovation speed and also create interesting collaboration communities for development of more innovative services. We want to colla...

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Tags: drawing swing mobile j2me java desktop draw
repiola is a software written in java that allows to program a "virtual machine" that draws on a surface.

This software is similar to logo but with a assembler-like syntax.

The project have a virtual machine that executes opcodes, an interpreter that translates the assembler-like languaje to opcodes and frontend for desktop (swing) and mobile (j2me).

the main goal is to provide a simple implementation of a virtual machine, an interpreter a compiler and a gui for destop and mo...

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Tags: mobile browser-based webcam desktop remote web-remote
web-remote is an desktop remote control utility software. It's also free and easy-to-use.

web-remote works on any OS because it's browser based and don't need plugins for browsers.

You can use web-remote on pocket pc with opera mobile browser, like in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkIjxNkkCRE for access your computer from pocket pc or smartphone.

You can have a lot of advantages, for example: - You don't need IP from remote computer. - You can view live images fr...