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Horde is both an Open Source software project and an application framework written in PHP.
The application framework is currently the basis for 50 applications written by developers from around the world, including the flagship IMP Webmail client, the popular Chora repository viewer, and a complete groupware suite. The guiding principles of the Horde Project are to create solid standard-based applications using intelligent object oriented design, and wide-ranging platform and backe...
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Funambol (formerly known as Sync4j) is open source mobile application server software that provides push email, address book and calendar (PIM) data synchronization, application provisioning, and device management for wireless devices and PCs, leveraging standard protocols. For users, this means BlackBerry-like capabilities on commodity handsets.
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SOGo is a groupware server built around OpenGroupware.org (OGo) and the SOPE application server. It focuses on scalability.

SOGo provides a rich AJAX-based Web interface and supports multiple native clients through the use of standard protocols such as CalDAV, CardDAV and GroupDAV.

SOGo is the missing component of your infrastructure; it sits in the middle of your servers to offer your users an uniform and complete interface to access their information. It has been deployed in prod...

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Geochat emerged from a simple concept - can I send an SMS message and see it on a map?

From there the concept has evolved, and geochat has become a project to build a collaboration platform for the lowest common denominator communication tools, considering as highest priorities the needs of workers of humantiarian aid, international health and disaster response.

The main drivers for the project are the feedback of the InSTEDD programs in South East Asia, excercises such as GoldenShad...

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This project is dedicated to building and maintaining freely available connectors into the YouITrust.com trust network API.
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Tags: plugable mobile python email sms django
django-smsdjango-sms is a Django application designed to make sending SMS text messages as simple as sending an email.

version 0.1 was released 2008-11-12.

QuickstartAdd sms to your INSTALLED_APPS in settings.py:

# apps
) Get in sync to update the database and install the provided Carrier fixtures:

python manage.py syncdb And play with some code:

from django.c...

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About Mobile Data NowMobileDataNow enables someone to query databases and webservices via their mobile phone using email, sms or instant messaging.

Since its simply messaging, MobileDataNow works with all phones. Just send an email, SMS or instant message with your query to retrieve, add or update database information (depending on permissions). Quick to setup, MobileDataNow is fast, easy to setup and easy to use.

Note 1: The download executible still contains a licensing module. T...

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Tags: library email sms phone mobile arduino
SSoftware2MobileAn Arduino libary to allow SMS and emailing via mobile phone

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This library implements the Software serial Arduino library to establish a serial connection to a Mobile phone. The methods methods hides the AT+ commands from the user allowing messages to be sent by passing the method on a phone number or email and the message.


"Sserial2Mobile AT vonroth c-=-=-o-=-=-=m"


SSerial2Mobile phone = SSerial2Mobile(2,3)...