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MiCalendar is a mobile iCalendar application that works on devices running the Flash Lite player and connected to the internet. It runs on any device - including the cell phones listed at http://www.adobe.com/mobile/supported_devices/handsets.html - with the Flash Lite player installed and an internet connection available. The project includes a client and server. The current client is written in Flash Lite 1.1 and the current server in PHP. You can learn more about the current state at the ...
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Shuriken is an ActionScript 2 component framework created to enable developers to create applications for mobile devices that support Flash Lite 2 (phones/mobiles, Chumby, Windows Mobile, etc.).


There is currently no component framework for Flash Lite 2. The existing Flash MX 2004, Flash 8, and Flex 1.5 components do not work in Flash Lite 2. While it is basically Flash Player 7, the devices it runs on cannot handle the CPU & memory requirements.


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Since the primary input for the majority of mobile phones is the key pad and soft keys, it seemed to make sense to use a state machine to monitor those key presses and change state to alter that behavior.

Take for example a simple menu. A menu will listen for the up and down arrow keys, it might listen for a number press, and it will listen for a user decision. Once the user makes their decision, the developer needs to listen for those same key presses but apply different functionality t...

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Google Calendar Lite is a Flash Lite 2 application for using Google Calendar on your phone or other device. It is also an example application showing what you can build in Flash Lite 2 using Shuriken, a Flash Lite 2 component framework written in ActionScript 2.
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Google is hosting Hackathon in their office and other office. Feel free to join this project and use the resource here if you are the participants of the Hackathon google Japan hosts.

At first, please read the following documents.

Guildline of source code repository How to use this repository for OpenSocial Hackathon. (Japanese only) How to register your account to each SNS for OpenSocial Hackathon. (Japanese only)

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A flashcard or flash card is a card that is used as a learning aid. One writes a question on a card and an answer overleaf. Flashcards can bear vocabulary, historical dates, formulas or any subject matter that can be learned via a question and answer format. Flashcards are widely used as a learning drill to aide memorization by way of spaced repetition.