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A port of the Acid Framework for Windows Mobile devices with OpenGL ES support.

Acid Framework

This code was developed against a HTC Diamond. Not tested on other platforms.

Note: This is a work in progress, currently using floating point math instead of fixed. Despite this, performance is good as is.

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Tags: 3d mobile graphics opengl android java
Android-GL contains a series of implementations of tutorials for OpenGL programming in the Google Android SDK.

It also contains some utilities that might be generally useful to other folks.

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OverviewCairo for Symbian OS is based on Cairo version 1.8.6 with new surface backend added to allow Cairo rendering to a Symbian OS window (RWindow).

FreeType font backend and Fontconfig support have also been integrated. Pango with basic shaper engine (basic-fc module) has been ported too, so it is now possible to draw text using Pango instead of using Cairo "toy" text API.

Libraries used in this project i.e. expat, libpng, pixman, freetype, fontconfig and cairo are now c...

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Tags: 2d engine c mobile sdl allegro game graphics
New: Demos using Troll2D hereNew a sample using Troll2D with Chipmunk Physics here

Troll is an easy-to-use 2D game engine. It supports several back-ends, such as SDL and Allegro. You can also create custom back-ends.
The main idea is to accelerate (crossplatform) software development. Troll is compatible with any OS, such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix. Embedded systems, like Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and the iPhone, are also supported. Troll is compatible wit...