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SummaryLibrary, providing easy to use logging capabilities, which works transparently on both the client and the server, while providing compile time elimination of client logging code via deferred binding with Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

Key FeaturesClient-side logging code is compiled out and introduces zero-overhead+ due to GWT compiler dead code elimination when log_level=OFF Serializable classes (domain objects, POJOs, etc.) can utilize the same logging code on client and server via in...

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J4ME is an open source library to help build J2ME applications. It solves many of J2ME's shortcomings including:

UI that is professional looking and intuitive Logging, critical for debugging platform-specific problems GPS through the device and external Bluetooth pucks Library of methods left out of J2ME double theta = MathFunc.atan2( 1.732050807569, Math.PI );

Who is it for?J4ME makes development faster and produces better looking applications so it is for nearly e...

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JInjector is an instrumentation tool for Java applications, optimized for mobile.

It is supposed to provide different features including: - code coverage - acceptance test


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SummaryLibrary, providing an Apache log4j-compatible logging API Google-Web-Toolkit (GWT).

While you wait...This project is not quite off the ground yet. Meanwhile most of what you are looking can probably be provided out of the box by gwt-log.

Other GWT projects by the same author

Project Description gwt-log Provides logging support for your GWT applications. gwt-dnd Provides drag and drop support for your GWT applications. gwt-voices Provides sound support for yo...

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Tags: mobile framework logging
Microlog is a small, yet powerful logging library for mobile devices based on the Log4j API. Supports Java ME (J2ME) and Android. Logs to device, to PC or to servers online. Used in all phases from development on emulator/device to outdoor field-testing.