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The open Wireless Network Simulator (openWNS) is an open source simulation platform for wireless and multi-cellular mobile communication systems (e.g. UMTS, WiMAX, WLAN).

Our goal is to develop an open source system level simulation platform (openWNS) for performance evaluation and comparison of wireless and professional multi-cellular mobile communication systems. The simulation platform will offer close-to-emulation implementation of the respective protocol stack, including implementatio...

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Tags: handset framework network game mobile java
MYTHME is a platform for mobile game, it's just a framework.
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Tags: network midp xml mobile java j2me
This will search for product using Mobile device. Its J2ME MIDP application.
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Tags: bonjour python network social mobile
require avahi, the open source Bonjour implementation. users can discover people around, and find what they have in common
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let you share your devices and ressources like mouse, keyboard, screen, cpu.. between your computers (Windows, OS X, Unix, BSD..), your devices (mobile phone, pda..).
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This project is dedicated to building and maintaining freely available connectors into the YouITrust.com trust network API.
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Hanji is a unique kind of software: a personal server with advanced networking capabilities that explores new fields in mobile and networked computing. It runs on any machine (PC, laptop, smartphone, server) and you can access it through any web browser, on the same machine or not.

- Network: can connect to a dedicated portal in order to allow external connections (like: http://xyz.hanji.mobi)
- Autonomous: local software and data

- Fast, lightweight but attractive user...

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A port of the Acid Framework for Windows Mobile devices with OpenGL ES support.

Acid Framework

This code was developed against a HTC Diamond. Not tested on other platforms.

Note: This is a work in progress, currently using floating point math instead of fixed. Despite this, performance is good as is.

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Tags: mobile network message dialnow sms
Send SMS using Dial Now service
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Tags: .net scanner mobile security administrators network c
.netScan is a network scanner developed under the .net framework and dedicated to mobile devices. This project is a improvement of the former netScan developed on gambas.
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Tags: mobile testing bluetooth windows network mobile-phones
Forkbeard is Bluetoothâ„¢ tools for Windows environment, similar to those in BlueZ for Linux/UNIX.
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Find new friends offline. CVSup repository.
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KudoStar is a mobile social rating system that connects your contacts and favorite locations. People and places accumulate positive and negative Kudostars (KudoScore), with relevant sound, images, and video while keeping the user interface intuitive and simple to use. KudoStar then uses this information and ties it in with not only other Android phones but also your social networking sites. KudoStar will also utilize Facebook's F8 and Google's opensocial platforms to virally spread the collected...