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An application to provide a worldwide mobile secure/confidential payment system over the internet and other kinds of insecure/unreliable networks
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This is a service for people who wants to buy and sale product. The service is available both in website and in mobile. People will be able to search anything they want to buy. On the other hand someone who wants to sale will be able to advertise his product. The intension of this service is to provide information. It is not to provide help on money transaction. Bangladesh is a small country and people can decide on money transaction on their own. The product is just to provide a means of sharin...
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User can make photos by mobile phone and share online it on the web. This is an J2EE Apache Tomcat web-application with J2ME clients. Visit here fore more info: http://dinkycam.com
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creating personal pages
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Tags: open ravex computing cloud mobile os online
A PHP and MySql with ajax framework for providing application level functionality from multiple locations.