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User can make photos by mobile phone and share online it on the web. This is an J2EE Apache Tomcat web-application with J2ME clients. Visit here fore more info: http://dinkycam.com
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Tags: mobile algerie télécharger video photo blog
portail algerie ou chaque'un à le pouvoir de rajouté du contenue fun ou artistique, télécharger, écouter, visionner, des photo, blogs, vidéo, chansons..le meilleur du web algerien.
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Tags: discuss social video photo media phone web mobile
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Tags: gis mobile photo
Take a picture in your city and upload photos from mobile!
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Tags: video blackberry mobile api photo phanfare
Publicly released API libraries for various environments that allow access to the Phanfare service. Also any extra things I write.
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Tags: android webcam video photo phone mobile remotevision
remoteVision is an Open Source application for mobile phone users to browse and manage online photo albums (i.e. Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, etc.), as well as online video (i.e. YouTube).
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url : http://smillie.jp/

demo : http://smillie.jp/demo/

realtime photo upload and slideshow service [smillie!]

- upload from mobile phone - show realtime photo gallery - one week limited

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Watchee is a SOA platform to connect mobile devices like mobile phones, PDA, iPhone and backend services. An open API is made available in many programming languages. The web access is http://watchee.net