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Open Buddy List is a completely open, as in standards and freedom, web based address book. It also integrates with many popular communication services such as Skype, GMail, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Mail, and mobile phones.

Status Update 2007/08/14

This project is currently on hold. The plan is to release an existing web API in the near future. Currently no code has been released. If you are interested in working on this project, please contact the project owner.

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Tags: mobile accessibility rails rubyonrails
request_from_mobile? True if the request was from a mobile device.

mobile_image_tag(image, options) If request_from_mobile? is true, the alt text will be displayed instead of the image. If no alt text, nothing will be rendered.

mobile_stylesheet_link_tag(normal_style, mobile_style = nil) If requuest_from_mobile? is true, nothing will be shown unless you specify a mobile_style stylesheet.

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url : http://smillie.jp/

demo : http://smillie.jp/demo/

realtime photo upload and slideshow service [smillie!]

- upload from mobile phone - show realtime photo gallery - one week limited

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Actionatr is a hybrid web/desktop/mobile app for getting things done.
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Tags: mobile rails ruby
Fontes de Mobi4Life
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Tags: mobile projectmanagement javascript rails ruby
Project management tool focused on supporting roadmapping, and task planing features.
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Tags: rubyonrails rails ruby mobileye eye mobile
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