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Tags: library mobile sms clickatell ruby
Clickatell is the world's leading provider of SMS messaging services with reliable coverage to 578 networks in 192 countries worldwide.

ruby-clickatell is an Ruby library that can send SMSs through Clickatell's HTTPS API.

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url : http://smillie.jp/

demo : http://smillie.jp/demo/

realtime photo upload and slideshow service [smillie!]

- upload from mobile phone - show realtime photo gallery - one week limited

Wikimedia Mobile
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Tags: mobileweb wikipedia merb ruby mobile
Wikimedia Foundation's new mobile platform
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Tags: python ruby client api sms mobile zeep
With just a few lines of code, Zeep Mobile's API lets your web app communicate with your users over SMS. Zeep Mobile makes it easy to:

Manage your users' mobile content subscriptions Send and receive SMS content These libraries take care of the HTTP Header signing and posting to the HTTP endpoint.

Currently there is support for Ruby and Python.

If anyone would like to contribute a client for their favorite language be it Java, PHP or assembler please drop me a line. ...

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Actionatr is a hybrid web/desktop/mobile app for getting things done.
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This is a service for people who wants to buy and sale product. The service is available both in website and in mobile. People will be able to search anything they want to buy. On the other hand someone who wants to sale will be able to advertise his product. The intension of this service is to provide information. It is not to provide help on money transaction. Bangladesh is a small country and people can decide on money transaction on their own. The product is just to provide a means of sharin...
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Tags: mobile rails ruby
Fontes de Mobi4Life
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Tags: mobile projectmanagement javascript rails ruby
Project management tool focused on supporting roadmapping, and task planing features.
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Tags: rubyonrails rails ruby mobileye eye mobile
关注终端软件 关注敏捷开发


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Tags: mobile ruby chat xmpp jabber
"Monogiki (物聞(ものぎき) - 情報提供者。表面に表れている事を見聞きして味方に報告する者)" is a simple Jabber/XMPP chat client for web browser, especially on mobile phone that has a capability to browse chtml.

Originally, it was developed for sending messages to twitter through Google talk. It could be used to chat with any other resources, such as ja2en@bot.talk.google.com and en2ja@bot.talk.google.com.

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people report problems, wishes, and visions they have, along with their location via twitter, IM, and text message.

web users can see these issues and dispatch instructions (again via twitter/im/txt) to local agents to resolve them.

agents involved in resolutions which create positive experiences get 'posex' points, and agents can choose to affiliate in teams and attempt to amass the most points.

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Open Buddy List is a completely open, as in standards and freedom, web based address book. It also integrates with many popular communication services such as Skype, GMail, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Mail, and mobile phones.

Status Update 2007/08/14

This project is currently on hold. The plan is to release an existing web API in the near future. Currently no code has been released. If you are interested in working on this project, please contact the project owner.