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The open Wireless Network Simulator (openWNS) is an open source simulation platform for wireless and multi-cellular mobile communication systems (e.g. UMTS, WiMAX, WLAN).

Our goal is to develop an open source system level simulation platform (openWNS) for performance evaluation and comparison of wireless and professional multi-cellular mobile communication systems. The simulation platform will offer close-to-emulation implementation of the respective protocol stack, including implementatio...

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Tags: playerstagegazebo robot mobile pioneer sensor control 3d simulation c++
The ProjectIRCE (Integrated Robot Control Environment) is a programming environment for mobile robot software control that makes use of the Player/Stage/Gazebo Project to simulate the robots behavior. Since it is a 3D simulation, actually only Player and Gazebo are used.

The application lets users to create 3D virtual worlds and place 3d models such as ground, walls (boxes) or cylinders and robots with its sensors such as a Pioneer2DX with a Sick LMS200 sensor.

Each robot control c...

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GAP (Grid Agents Platform) Toolkit for Modeling and Simulation of Mobile Agents in Grid Environments.

In order to model and simulate possible sinergies between Mobile Agents technology and Grid Computing, GAP (Grid Agents Platform) a Java library to models the activities of an agent platform (like JADE) has been developed. GAP is an abstraction over GridSim, a Java toolkit that can be programmed to simulate a Grid system and which offers support for simulating Computing Elements, Storage ...