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Gammu (formerly known as MyGnokii2) is a cellular manager for various mobile phones/modems. It supports a wide variety of Nokia, Symbian, and AT devices (Siemens, Alcatel, Falcom, WaveCom, IPAQ, Samsung, SE, and others) over cables, infrared, or BlueTooth. It contains libraries with functions for ringtones, phonebook, SMS, logos, WAP, date/time, alarm, calls, and more (used by external applications like Wammu). It also includes a command line utility that can make many things (including backups)...
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gnokii is a multisystem tool suite for the mobile phones, released under GPL.
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Wammu is mobile phone manager running on Linux, Windows and possibly other platforms, where Gammu and wxPython works. The communication is made by Gammu library.
KMobileTools (KDE)
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KMobileTools is an OpenSource project (GPL2 license) that aims to be a complete management system for mobile phones.
It's written in C++ using Qt and KDE libraries. It's using KParts technology, so it can be embedd in every application (like in Kontact), it can read and write KDE AddressBook, full import/export, read and write SMS, export them in KMail, and much more. All this depending on your phone capabilities, of course.
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Tags: xml mobile wap telephony mobile-phones phone mms
WURFL = Wireless Universal Resource File

The WURFL by Luca Passani and Andrea Trasatti is an "ambitious" configuration file that contains info about all known Wireless devices on earth.

floAt's Mobile Agent
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FMA is a SMS Manager, Mobile Phone Monitor, Remote Control Agent, Phonebook Manager, Organizer, Fun and much more; whatever you want it to be, it is whatever a mobile phone should have :-) (Currently based on Sony Ericsson features set).
SMS Library for Java
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Tags: java sms phone mobile technology library telephony programming
This library allows you to send SMS (GSM) from the Java platform. The intention is to create a high level api and a pluggable transport layer.
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python-gammu is a set of Python bindings for Gammu, the GSM mobile manager for various cellular phones. It can work with any phone that Gammu supports, including many models by Nokia, Siemens, and Alcatel.
Druid OSE Unified Communications
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Druid is our attempt at building a powerful open source unified communications software.
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AlcaSync is code to work with Alcatel phone which is used by KAlcatel. It is published under GPL licence so it can be also used in other GPL programs. If you want to use this in non GPLed program you must receive written permission from author. This package also contains simple application alcatest which shows how to use it.
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KAlcatel allows you to manage messages, calls, contacs, todos and the calendar in Alcatel One Touch 50x and 70x mobile phones. The protocol used by this phone is binary and not documented, so this program can't guarantee any functionality in all cases.
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Wader-core is a multiplatform 3G component for the Linux and OSX operating systems. It features an extensible architecture via plugins that allows you to add support for a new device/distro without need to recompile/restart.

Is the first ModemManager implementation, apart from modem-manager itself, and is 100% written in Python.

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Tags: gammu sms mobile-phones gnome phone mobile telephony gui
Gnome front end to gammu software
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Tags: hardware-drivers mobile telephony
A project for a collection of software tools for machine to machine communication.
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Gnocky is an application that will allow you to use many features of your mobile phone (setting logos, sending SMS, addressbook management). It uses user-space mobile driver provided by gnokii project.
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Tags: mobile telephony jabber
[EN] It sends SMS messages to czech mobile operators - T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2. [CZ] Aplikace slouží pro odesílání SMS zpráv do sití všech českých operátorů - T-Mobile, Vodafone a O2.
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Tags: pys60 python symbian sms mobile telephony
Smart SMS is a cool SMS utility that you can use on your Symbain OS based phones, it provides more features than plain old (did I say boring) existing SMS utility.