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Tags: xml mobile wap telephony mobile-phones phone mms
WURFL = Wireless Universal Resource File

The WURFL by Luca Passani and Andrea Trasatti is an "ambitious" configuration file that contains info about all known Wireless devices on earth.

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PUMz is web clipping service project and upgrade project of pumware(pumware.sf.net).
Digital Oral Health Survey
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Tags: 6-0 mobile 3-5 .net open framework compact excel xml
Os PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant), com sua capacidade atual e sua mobilidade, têm sido empregados como facilitadores de entrada de informações em sistemas computacionais. Uma das áreas que poderiam ser otimizadas com aplicações para dispositivos móveis é a utilização destes em
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Tags: calendar contacts mobile rss atom xml j2me gdata
GData J2ME Client LibraryThe GData J2ME Client Library should extend the usage of the Google Data API's to the mobile devices supporting the J2ME platform.
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Tags: springnote mobile webservices xml java
This project has code that ias wrote, writes, and will write and makes it available to the public.
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JATComm is an application to use a mobile phone connected to your PC to send SMS messages.

It has three parts:

* Serial Connection - handles the serial connection to the mobile phone using RXTX library and sends SMS messages through AT commands.
* SMS Server - a server using RESTlet library to deploy a remote service to send SMS messages.
* SWING client - uses RESTlet to connect to the remote service as a client.

The project supports s...

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Tags: xml mobile handheld wiki j2me java
LocalWiki aims to provide a simple method to mirror wikipedia (or any other mediawiki with xml-dump capabilities) to a local or handheld device.

Currently I am in the process of porting Encyclopodia to the J2ME platform. As soon as there is a working base it will be posted.

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Tags: weather mobile tool android java webservice xml
MicroWeather is a not-word-by-word port of MicroWeather for S60 originally written by Gabor Fetter. The only available platform this code is currently running on is Android.
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Tags: network midp xml mobile java j2me
This will search for product using Mobile device. Its J2ME MIDP application.
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OpenStreetMap.org provides a freely editable map of the world. This map can be exported in the .osm XML format. In order to visualize this map data on a mobile device, it has to be converted to SVG-T, a subset of vector graphics markup language SVG.

This project has been started using the osmarender.xsl converter as a template for porting this process to Python.

Special thanks also to Kerim Mansour for creating the orignal pysvg classes (which we are in the process to modify and ex...

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The Rich Ajax Application Framework Release: 1.0 Beta 1

Raxan CSS
Design great looking web sites and applications with the Raxan CSS framework. It comes bundled with the jQuery library and includes a dynamic JavaScript and CSS loader.

Raxan PDI
Raxan PDI is an Open Source PHP Framework that seamlessly blends the unique features of modern web application development into one seamless interface.

PDI goes the extra mile to empower developers to tak...

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The "Schnitzelunt" game was developed during the "Mobile Learning" class at the University of Bremen in 2008.

It supplies a framework for adventure-files (xml) that are to be created in an online-toolkit (web-app), so that scavenger hunts can be set up without being on-site (using knowledge about the target location and any available media). The application is implemented with J2ME and does not require GPS. It is developed for the average color mobile phone with java support and a display...

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Tags: xhtml wap mobile wml portal xml swinburne
This is a student project to develop a mobile-based portal for Swinburne University of technology in Melbourne, Australia. The portal is designed to be an extension of the current Web portal that is run by the university. This portal will support access from mobile devices and a mobile telephones. This portal supports third generation mobile phones.
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Tags: mobile xml javamobile midlet java gis gps j2me
J2ME midlet that allows display, processing and/or uploading of GPS data. Behavior defined by an XML file locatable almost anywhere (i.e. the device, a web server, in a SMS message?)
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Tags: mobile wml svg ajax xml
CthulhOS is a series of tools written in C and ECMAScript to support the concept that mobile applications are simply objects communicating over some medium (like maybe the Internet or something.)

The core of CthulhOS is the Rlyeh Object Model (formerly known as the HBMOBILE Jowles Object Model.) Rlyeh imagines "web applications" as object graphs running on one or more servers. We then create an abstract mapping between this object graph and an XML document. To access bits of the object g...

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Tags: smalltalk xml policy crypto security mobile
DangerThink is the combination of BDANGEROUS, DangerTalk and XeroBits. Our objectives are to provide:

trusted crypto primitives in 'C' that are maintainable and easy to read. command line tools (written in 'C') for Unixtm-like systems to encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify, mac, hash, request, issue and query. libraries that implement security relevant services (cert storage, password vault, secure parameters & policies, secure messaging, etc.) standard service daemons for a Unixtm-like en...