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Scorched 3D
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Scorched3D is a cross-platform 3D remake of the popular 2D artillery game Scorched Earth. Scorched3D can be played against the computer, other players, and remotely across the Internet or LAN.
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Verse is a network protocol that lets multiple applications act together as one large application by sharing data over a network. If one application makes a change to shared data, the change is distributed instantly to all the other interested clients.
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NeL is a MMORPG game development platform under GNU General Public License, initially built by Nevrax to power Ryzom (www.ryzom.com), and now maintained by Gameforge. Join the NeL community and develop your own online game as free software!
It contains a 3D engine, network engine, sound engines.
Java Game Networking
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An Object-Oriented networking framework for Java primarily focused toward game development. The general concept is the utilization of Message objects that are essentially beans that are streamed over the network utilizing NIO.
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OpenNeL is a MMORPG game development platform under GNU General Public License, initially built by Nevrax to power Ryzom (www.ryzom.com), and now maintained by Gameforge. Join the OpenNeL community and develop your own online game as free software!

It contains a 3D engine, network engine, AI and collision engines.

OpenNeL is a community extension of the NeL (www.nevrax.org) project.

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Morcego is a 3D network browser written in Java and released under LGPL license. It can be embedded in web applications using XMLRPC no represent graph-like data and browse nodes.
Metaverse Exchange Protocol
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Metaverse Exchange Protocol (MXP) is a second generation virtual environment protocol specification. MXP has a coherent theoretical model (Bubble Cloud) for networked virtual environments and proposes a working engineering solution. NVEs are in this context systems with multiple thin clients and servers simulating single seamless virtual environment. All parties are upkeeping local partial scene graphs which are synchronized using metaverse exchange protocol. MXP concentrates on messages require...
Virtual Object System (VOS)
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VOS is a library and network protocol for interlinked object structures, which can be easily distributed over networks. Notifications of changes are automatically sent to other applications/clients. VOS simplifies concurrent asynchronous programming, both within the same process or distributed over the network. Revision control (versions), access control, and other important features are built in. VOS object messaging also allows access from multiple languages.

VOS forms the basis for...

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libNUI is a hardware accelerated GUI framework that makes it possible to build rich multi-platform applications based on 3D rendered dynamic layouts. Interfaces are built as a composition of widgets and behaviors, and the framework handles positioning, resizing, anchoring, and texture stretching. Objects are connected with synchronous events and delegates for mono-threaded communication, or asynchronous notifications and message queues are used for multi-threaded applications. It also supports s...
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The Acid Framework

For windows mobile development with OpenGL ES, visit

Acid Mobile Framework

Overview:Acid is a multimedia framework written in C# for the .NET platform. It contains several API's that enable developers to create high performance interactive visual media for the .NET platform.

Includes:Acid.GraphicsAcid.Graphics is an object orientated wrapper of OpenGL. This API contains classes with clean interfaces to easily expose the functionality of OpenGL. ...

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A port of the Acid Framework for Windows Mobile devices with OpenGL ES support.

Acid Framework

This code was developed against a HTC Diamond. Not tested on other platforms.

Note: This is a work in progress, currently using floating point math instead of fixed. Despite this, performance is good as is.

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eXtreme-Engine is a cross-platform middleware multimedia engine, supporting 2D/3D graphics, sound, music, video, input and net handling in one framework, for writting games and similar multimedia applications.
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Cross-platform OpenGL 2.0 engine with Qt4 gui.

NeonEngine is designed with OpenGL 3.0 in mind and is a shader based engine with Fixed Format not available.

Libraries needed for compilation.

Library Version minimum CMake 2.6 Qt4 4.4.1 Cg 2.1 (x) GLEW 1.5.0 OpenGL 2.0 Boost 1.35.1 (x) Denotes beta

Questions and AnswersWhy only OpenGL 2.0 or better support?

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Tags: bandwith mactable camtable 3d network snmp python
pysnmptools provide hights functions for querying network informations to a snmp agent. It can do for you: - Show mac table, cam table (for a switch) - Display bandwidth in a threading mode - Discovering a network and display it in a 3D mode

pysnmptools is develop in python and tested on linux/unix/bsd platform

Functions which are implemented :

Show functions ifDescription : List the interface operStatus : Show interfaces which are activated macTable : List the ARP table of...