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CellAO is based in part on the Cell Frame work which is maintained by the Wcell group. However our goal is to emulate Anarchy Online using C# and the Mysql database. This project was officaly started in the middle of 2007 Unofficaly its been around since 2005.
Metaverse Exchange Protocol
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Metaverse Exchange Protocol (MXP) is a second generation virtual environment protocol specification. MXP has a coherent theoretical model (Bubble Cloud) for networked virtual environments and proposes a working engineering solution. NVEs are in this context systems with multiple thin clients and servers simulating single seamless virtual environment. All parties are upkeeping local partial scene graphs which are synchronized using metaverse exchange protocol. MXP concentrates on messages require...
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AOEmu is a login, chat, and world server emulator for the MMORPG Anarchy-Online. It is written in C# using Lua as it's scripting language and MySQL for it's database system. The AOEmu project is being created in such a way that it will be easy to add in-game content such as quests, NPCs, and other sorts of creative things using Lua. AOEmu will provide nearly cloned functionality of the official servers. The purpose of creating such a project is to provide players with a sort of sandbox for the g...
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Tags: comm c tcp ip network automation scada plc serial modbus c#
Provides connectivity to Modbus slave compatible devices and applications. Supports serial ASCII, serial RTU, serial over USB ASCII, serial over USB RTU, TCP, and UDP protocols.
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This is useful for monitoring a hosts connectivity. It is good for troubleshooting networking hardware and connection problems alike.
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Top down isometric perspective tactical strategy oriented online game.
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Framework to build BackPropagation Networks

Source code: http://nbpn.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

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Tags: ftp network c#
This is an application that can be used to scan files on the network from multiple sources. Like a network spider that goes through windows shares and FTP sites.
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Tags: network sockets c# .net2.0
Provides Network Socket related classes
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Tags: sdl c# network online space
Think Asteroids multiplayer with a persistent server.

Uses c# and SDL (vs2008)

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Tags: .net c# game network tool travian
Stran is a game tool for the populate webgame Travian. It now contains a multi-language user interface, and can do lots of actions like build or celebrate in queue. Now I'm glad to release its source code under MPL 1.1 and hope more and more people take parts in the project.

You should have installed .net Framework 2.0 before using this tool.

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Tags: logging network tcp debug trace c# .net
OverviewTryTrace is a diagnostics tool which facilitates you to see the trace output of your .NET application in real-time. This contains two components, viz TcpTraceListener & TraceMonitor

TcpTraceListener is the plug-in library which will route your trace out to the specified port. TraceMonitor is a simple TCP client which facilitates to see the trace output. Alternatively, you can always look at the trace output by making a telnet to the specified port.

Usage1.Copy TcpTraceL...

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A networking written in c#
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Tags: network service sqlserver c# scheduler windows
used to schedule the running of applications, etc etc at certain times / days etc... i.e. run defrags followed by virus scan - also allows multiple machines to run different schedules from one database or multiple machines to run the same schedule from one database
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Tags: network wmv video presentation c#
Hovis Presenter is a lightweight and fast alternative to the likes of Powerpoint for running presentations.

It contains no slide creation tools, and only displays images (jpg/png/gif) and video files in the Windows Media Video format.

However it is designed for very fast video start up, usually under a quarter of a second for a standard sized video. This makes it preferable to Powerpoint et al. that can take several seconds to achieve this.

This fast starting of video makes ...

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Academic Network SimulatorNetwork Simulator is mainly aimed to be educational tool for undergraduate students. It should introduce Packet-switched network principles to students through many predefined scenarios simulated within friendly GUI.

NOTE: This software is in alpha development phase, with most of network and GUI features done. Since it's far from being stable, there are no bianry releases, so if you want to run IP-Sim, you have check-out&compile source code from repository....

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Tags: library chat network c# irc internetrelaychat
An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) library written in C#, which enabled developers to make their applications take advantages of the Internet Relay Chat network.

The library supports basic IRC features, such as channels, users and messaging, but it also supports CtCp, DCC chats and transfers.

It is licensed under the BSD license, and is therefore free to use in any open source as well as proprietary software.

Project Status:

I've done a lot of code restructuring and been re...

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Tags: network sharing gpl .net c# lan
Still crawling the LAN by hand?

Lan-Crawler is a crawler and indexer of public network files and directories shared via SMB shares: Window's shared folders (shares) and UNIX systems running Samba. Meta data is downloaded for films and music. A dynamic web UI is provided for searching files for the uses of the Lan.

The project is quite old and rusty, so if any one wants to take over - please email me at sadakov@gmail.com.

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Tags: .net c# network neural forecasting market
The aim of the thesis is to investigate the methods of neural market forecasting, i.e. forecasting markets using artificial neural networks (ANNs).

The ambition is to examine and propose and a variety of strategies that can be followed to utilise the predictive capabilities of ANNs and hence maximise the trading profit. These strategies will be applied to a selection of financial (stock, bond, currency) and commodity markets and their performance efficiencies will be analzyed.


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Welcome to the Nading.Network.Library

UPDATE: added new libs that now include the new packet queue system for those that dont want to use the events. you will have to enable or disable the queue system when you start the client or server if you are going to use it or not. also some other minor changes and cleanups.. pretty stable version up!

This library was written in and for the .NET Framework.. Visual Basic, C# and Managed C++. The library utilizes the .NET sockets class. Its a ...