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Plugin based multi-IM communicator. ncurses or gtk2 (in progress) based GUI.
Support for different protocols: irc, jabber (including gmail), gg (gadu-gadu largest polish IM), tlen, nntp (read only).
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Martyr is a framework (library) for the IRC Protocol, written entirely in Java, for Java programs. Martyr could be used as the foundation for a bot or a client written in Java. The goal for the Martyr project is to have a complete IRC client framework encompassing all the features of modern IRC, but to be fully separate from any client implementation.
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Tags: chat ircd hyperion network irc frastuono
Frastuono IRC Network - Development Committee - hyperion IRCD
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Tags: library chat network c# irc internetrelaychat
An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) library written in C#, which enabled developers to make their applications take advantages of the Internet Relay Chat network.

The library supports basic IRC features, such as channels, users and messaging, but it also supports CtCp, DCC chats and transfers.

It is licensed under the BSD license, and is therefore free to use in any open source as well as proprietary software.

Project Status:

I've done a lot of code restructuring and been re...

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Tags: bot ircd network irc javascript
A network daemon written in C. Connects to IRC servers and parses the irc protocol. Presents each irc command to a javascript function for processing. If a javascript function is defined for a particular irc command the value returned by the function is sent to the server.
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Tags: services rfc1459 network server scarlet irc ircd
scarlet is an implentation of the de-facto IRC standard (i.e. IRC server that has more than the barebones features). It's considered the next generation of IRC, in that it offers an object-oriented interface, with integrated "services" and standard features, without compromising compatibility. It is built for the .NET framework, and has been successfully tested on Win32, Win64, linux, and MacOS X so far.
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