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Morcego is a 3D network browser written in Java and released under LGPL license. It can be embedded in web applications using XMLRPC no represent graph-like data and browse nodes.
igraph library
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This is another library for creating and manipulating graphs. There is simply no other graph library out there which can be handle graphs of the size the author is confronted with efficiently. Whenever possible igraph tries to be also user friendly and portable.

igraph started as an additional package to the GNU R statistical environment, and still some functions which are hard to implement in C are available only in R (like interactive graphics). Most functions are however now written in ...

Gizmo Daemon
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Gizmo Daemon is a userspace utility that makes it easy to control applications, and devices based on input events. For example, a browser window could be scrolled up and down when Gizmod detects up and down events from a joystick. Events can be mapped at the global, or per-application level, which allows devices to behave differently depending on which application the user is currently using. All of the event scripting support comes via the Python programming language, which is easy to read and ...
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Tags: draw render visualization network graph flash graphviz flex
VizierFX is a Flex library for drawing network graphs. The graphs are laid out using GraphViz on the server side, then passed to VizierFX to perform the rendering. The library also provides the ability to run ActionScript code in response to events on the graph, such as mousing over a node or clicking on it.

For more details, check out the VizierFX site at http://www.markandrewgoetz.com/vizierfx/.

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Tags: network visualization bioinformatics
ChronoWidget is a Java applet for viewing and editing time-based network data.
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Tags: swt visualization network graph
So I am a Software Engineer that has taken an interest in the Eclipse community and their corresponding RCP framework. For our customers, RCP + SWT has provided a far better user experience than designing our same application around Java AWT/Swing. We're starting to provide an application that features network visualization. The problem I face is that all the Java graph/network visualization software we came across is written to use Swing/Java2D. As people who have developed with SWT may have ex...
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Tags: tree directed force connected network graph layout visualization dhtml javascript jsviz
JSViz makes it easy to create dynamic 2D views of information. Practical applications include network graphs, navigation, and other dynamic layouts.

JSViz Project Blog JSViz Discussion

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Tags: interactive zoomable process flowchart visualization java 2d zui diagram graph network
Narrator is a cross-platform desktop application to fluidly define interactive, zoomable, scale-less network diagrams (also called node-link diagrams) that communicate dependency between information in a visually compelling and consistent manner. We call these diagrams "narratives". They are represented as RDF files with links to external resources (e.g. images and documents) and can be published to the web as applets.

Narrator was originally developed by Ben Suter and John Haymaker at S...

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Tags: visualization network python art
Network visualization art project
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AbstractWe present NetGrok, a new tool for visualizing computer networks in real-time. NetGrok applies well-known information visualization techniques (overview, zoom & filter, details on demand) and employs a group-based graph layout and a treemap to visually organize network data. NetGrok also integrates these tools with a shared data store that can read PCAP formatted network captures, capture traces from a live interface, and filter the data set dynamically by bandwidth, number of connec...
NodeXL - Network Overview, Discovery and
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Tags: .netmap chart diagram visualization excel graph network
NodeXL is an Excel 2007 document template for viewing network graphs, along with a set of .NET Framework 3.5 class libraries that can be used to add network graphs to custom applications.
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Tags: graph network java jogl visualization
Semaspace is a compact graph editor and browser for the construction and analysis of large knowledge networks. The program was specially designed for the interactive manipulation of very large networks.

credits: Dietmar Offenhuber & Gerhard Dirmoser

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Media Art Research

Libraries used: jFTGL font library, JOGL, commons logging, commons lang, batik SVG toolkit

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Tags: visualization information network social
social network information visualization