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Irrlicht Engine
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The Irrlicht Engine is a high performance real-time 3D engine written and usable in C++, and also available for .NET languages. It is completely cross-platform, using D3D, OpenGL, and its own software renderers.
The Tao Framework
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Tags: openal mono cg c# glfw opengl tao sdl freeglut lua devil .net
The Tao Framework for .NET is a collection of bindings to facilitate cross-platform media application development utilizing the .NET and Mono platforms.
Axiom 3D
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The Axiom Engine Project is a fully object oriented game engine development effort using C# and the Microsoft.Net or Mono platform to create an easy to use, flexible, extendable, and powerful engine that allows for rapid development of games for various genres.
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Tags: sdl.net opengl c# xna mono .net tao sdl
Mono.XNA is a cross platform implementation of the XNA gaming framework. It runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux using OpenGL for 3D support.
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Tags: mono opengl cs-sdl c# sdl.net sdl .net
SDL.NET is a set of object-oriented .NET bindings for the SDL gaming library and provides high-level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, TTF fonts, various image formats, sound mixing, MPEG-1, 2D video framebuffer and 3D hardware via OpenGL.
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The Open Toolkit is a free, fast, cross-platform OpenGL, OpenAL and OpenCL wrapper for C# and other .Net languages.

The bindings in OpenTK are strongly-typed and fast and help you catch programming errors before they get the chance to manifest. Additional utilities integrate the bindings with .Net, making OpenTK especially suited to Rapid Application Development.

OpenTK can be used alone or integrated into GUI toolkits, like Windows.Forms and GTK#. It runs everywhere witnout recompil...

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Jeto is a project to create a portable, innovative application platform based on the ECMA Common Language Infrastructure (ECMA-335) standard. It provides an application foundation library (called Emotion) with advanced support for audio/video playback and capture, vector graphics, hardware querying and access, dealing with measurements, networking, application preferences, and more.

Jeto is also intended to be layered on top of other operating system kernels to form Jeto distributions. We ...

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Brahma is a library written for the .NET platform, to provide high-level access to graphical and general purpose processing on the GPU. It eliminates the need for a shading language, generating shader code directly from IL at runtime.
Imaginary Game Engine
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The Imaginary Game Engine project tries to create a full-featured, modular and multi-threaded game engine in C#, and can run with Microsoft's .NET framework or Mono on either Microsoft Windows, Linux or Apple's MacOSX.
Irrlicht.Net CP
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A cross-platform .Net wrapper for the Irrlicht Engine
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Pending for now!
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The Acid Framework

For windows mobile development with OpenGL ES, visit

Acid Mobile Framework

Overview:Acid is a multimedia framework written in C# for the .NET platform. It contains several API's that enable developers to create high performance interactive visual media for the .NET platform.

Includes:Acid.GraphicsAcid.Graphics is an object orientated wrapper of OpenGL. This API contains classes with clean interfaces to easily expose the functionality of OpenGL. ...

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Tags: camera opengl directx .net c#

Argosz projectThe project's aim: Make a "space clairvoyant" system.


Argosz projektA projekt célja egy térben látó rendszert készíteni.

Felhasznált technológiák: M$ .NET, C#, DirectX, OpenGL

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Tags: x unix linux win32 sdl openal opengl c++ c c# mono .net imagine
Imagine is a collection of library bindings for the C# language for the purpose of facilitating cross-platform multimedia-related development using the Mono and .NET platforms.
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Tags: opengl mono .net cad graphics
MonoWorks is a full-featured, Open Source 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) suite that includes object-oriented math and modeling libraries, as well as interactive viewing and modeling applications. Check out the project homepage for more information.
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Tags: love tao sdl opengl multimedia games library ommf mono c# .net
(note that OMMF is currently not released; if you're feeling adventurous, you can take a look at the SVN repo)

OMMF, the Open and Managed Multimedia Framework, is a simple and lightweight way to develop 2D games and apps. It works with any programming language based on .NET/Mono.

The main goal for the project is to make it very easy to use, in addition to making it as cross-platform as possible.

The design of the library is heavily inspired by the LÖVE engine for Lua. OMMF w...

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Tags: .net opengl
Provides the means for developing OpenGL applications using managed code in the .Net Framework. Exposes the function calls in the OpenGL libraries. Provides a rendering context or drawing surface as a custom user control. Reproduces functionality found in popular C++ libraries, texture loading, shape rendering. Adds additional functionality such as 3D DLP rendering.
OPIMM Framework
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Tags: sdl direct3d opengl directx xna .net
A platform independent, managed, framework of tools for handling graphics and input.
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Physics2D.Net is 2 dimensional rigid body physics engine written in C#. To work with XNA, Silverlight and .Net.

It is a complete rewrite of my original physics 2D found on source forge. It is CLS compliant. Currently it has only one collision solver. The narrow phase collision detector is considered to be part of the solver. The Solver is Sequential impulses with a distance grid used for narrow phase detection. There are 4 Broad phase detectors to choose from.

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Tags: .net directx opengl gdi c
An esoteric C# graphics engine

My goals for the project are to make an engine that: is both real-time and off-line; is implementation and hardware agnostic (yet while using all available hardware acceleration); cross-platform (through Mono) and LGPL. Uncomprimising software design and high extensibility are central themes.
RadixNine is not tied to the fixed-function graphics pipeline; it can light (using arbitrary lighting engines) and render (using plugable rendering back-en...