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Blender is a 3D animation and compositing suite with tools for modeling (advanced subdivision modeling, multiresolution sculpting), uv unwrapping, texturing (procedural node, 2D and 3D painting), animation, rendering, particles and simulation (including fluid dynamics, hard body physics, cloth and hair), post-production with node based compositing and non linear editing, integrated game engine (with graphical programming, vehicle and rag doll constraints) and python scripting including an impor...
Easy Framework
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The goal of this project is to develop a generic and powerful 3D simulation framework mainly but not exclusively targeted at game development. Important aspects are efficency and simplicity of use.
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Moonlight|3D is a free modern, flexible and extensible modelling and animation tool developed by a small but dedicated team. The goal is to provide a tool that is capable of turning even the most advanced and challenging projects of artists and technical artists into reality.

We understand that this project is by its very nature a huge undertaking. We have chosen to make clean design, good usability and solid implementation of features our highest priority goals and we have already success...

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Tags: ghost blender lua interface opengl
Blunder is a reimplementation of Blender GUI in Lua.
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fracplanet is an interactive application for generating and viewing random fractal planets and terrain with oceans, mountains, icecaps, and rivers. These can then be exported as models to POV-Ray or Blender, or as textures to other applications. It uses Qt and OpenGL.
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This project page has been moved.

Go to http://ancient-beast.googlecode.com/ for the active project page. Thanks!

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OpenRacer is an open source racing engine. It is designed with an expandable infrastructure, allowing for easy modification. It is built for Windows, Linux and Macintosh; and supports both DirectX and OpenGL. The project is the basis of an online racing game called RaceRacer.
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Tags: cegui ode blender opengl

主要包括高度集成化场景编辑器 自己的文件格式 物理上用ODE 界面用CEGUI 艺术上用Blender 背后用OpenGL渲染 暂时先是这些 其他如人工智能、声音、网络就等上面的基础完成再说~~~ 做此项目的动机:我曾试过很多开源引擎 如OGRE等一些开发文档比较丰富的引擎 但我总觉得这些东西都不完善 比如OGRE就缺乏一个好的场景编辑器 而且很多东西都隐藏在引擎后面 这使我很不爽 无法深入下去 每次想自己做点东西 但又惧怕于一些构建环境的繁琐 于是 我就在数字路口上 每个引擎都是一个方向 我走过去 然后退回来 在走另一条 后来 我发现我仍然站在原点:( 我想一下 原来我对别人的代码始终不太认真 我想路或许还有一条 一条我可以一直走下去的路 或许 我的代码有很多缺点 我的图形知识也有限 开发的周期会很长 但 我想 这是我的项目~~~而这 已经足够…… 08-3-15 晚 晴

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Tags: blender graphics pygame opengl game 3d python
We are a bunch of passionate Python coders who love to discuss and write applications that are related to computer graphics.

Most of us are blender fans also.

Join us in #python3d @ irc.freenode.net.