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Blender is a 3D animation and compositing suite with tools for modeling (advanced subdivision modeling, multiresolution sculpting), uv unwrapping, texturing (procedural node, 2D and 3D painting), animation, rendering, particles and simulation (including fluid dynamics, hard body physics, cloth and hair), post-production with node based compositing and non linear editing, integrated game engine (with graphical programming, vehicle and rag doll constraints) and python scripting including an impor...
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Moonlight|3D is a free modern, flexible and extensible modelling and animation tool developed by a small but dedicated team. The goal is to provide a tool that is capable of turning even the most advanced and challenging projects of artists and technical artists into reality.

We understand that this project is by its very nature a huge undertaking. We have chosen to make clean design, good usability and solid implementation of features our highest priority goals and we have already success...

Y60 Media Engine
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Tags: cgi 2d 3d opengl maya nuke renderman cg vfx python graphics c++
The Cortex project aims to provide a set of high quality C++ libraries and Python modules tailored for software development in the visual effects industry. Rather than producing end user tools, the project focuses on creating a reusable set of modules of use to TDs and programmers in a broad range of scenarios - allowing them to focus on the more interesting or innovative aspects of development.

Originally the brainchild of Andrew Chapman, the Cortex project is now being developed around ...

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Tags: opengl c maya
This is a collection of Maya plug-in examples. You're free to use them. Hopefully your life with Maya will be easier as a result. Some of the examples were inspired as additions to code examples by Rob from robthebloke.org.

Please check out the corresponding discussions to these examples on my Maya Programming blog:


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SLUM - Shader Language Unified ManagerSLUM is a central hub for development of render shaders for computer graphics.
Basically, SLUM gives you the capability of design one shader that contains language components for more than one render software, like GLSL, Renderman, 3Delight, Air, etc.
I invite everybody to download slum and give it a try! Any feedback, suggestions, feature requests and issue reports is really welcome!
To join Slum R&D discus...