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Celestia is an OpenGL-based 3D space simulation for Unix and Win32 that lets you travel through the solar system, to the stars, and even beyond the galaxy. Visit over 100,000 stars, 100 solar system bodies, and all known extrasolar planets.
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Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time with OpenGL. It displays stars, constellations, planets and nebulae, and has many other features including multiple panoramic landscapes, fog, light pollution simulation and a built-in scripting engine.

Stellarium comes with a star catalogue of about 600 thousand stars and it is possible to download extra catalogues with up to 210 million stars.

Stellarium has multiple sky cultures - see the constellations from the traditions o...

Thousand Parsec
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Thousand Parsec is not only a game by itself, it is also a framework for creating a similar group of turn-based space empire building games, which are often called 4X games, from the main phases found in them: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate. Some examples of games which Thousand Parsec draws ideas from are Stars!, VGA Planets, Reach for the Stars, Master of Orion and Galactic Civilizations.

The idea is that a protocol is specified which defines how game servers and game clients c...

Vega Strike
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Vega Strike is a cross-platform space flight simulation game. Inspired by the gameplay of classics such as Wing Commander: Privateer, Vega Strike features an open-ended universe in which players can trade, fight, and explore. Players can also take missions, and maintain relations with the three races and various factions of the game. Recent development versions include experimental netplay.

There are also a number of mod projects in development, including mods for Wing Commander, Star Trek...

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Master of Orion-inspired turn-based game of epic space strategy that builds on the classic '4X' model by incorporating the nation-building elements of games such as Europa Universalis 2 and a versatile tactical combat engine.

While its modular design allows for a significant degree of customization of the game engine and the story elements by the community.

The FreeOrion team is dedicated to the construction of a living, breathing universe in a 'grand campaign' model.

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Gravit is a gravity simulator which runs under Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It's released under the GNU General Public License which makes it free. It uses Newtonian physics using the Barnes-Hut N-body algorithm. Although the main goal of Gravit is to be as accurate as possible, it also creates beautiful looking gravity patterns. It records the history of each particle so it can animate and display a path of its travels. At any stage you can rotate your view in 3D and zoom in and out. Gravit use...
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Tags: sfml student windows space game opengl c++
A students project for CG
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An experimental hybrid game engine based on science and using Irrlicht.
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Tags: opengl arcade game invaders space
Space Invaders: Rehash is a remake of the original Space Invaders game, featuring new game types, difficulty levels and improved graphics and sound.
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"Galactic Fall" is a very simple 2D space shooter designed to be a clone of "Escape Velocity" but also striving to be much more than that.

Although written as an OpenGL accelerated 3D application it has very simplistic graphics.

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Tags: shooter space arcade 3d 3dgame opengl
A 3d opengl game with support for some shaders.

Status: Beta 1

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Galactic trading. It will be similar to TradeWars or Alien Assault Traders text based games, but we intend to grow it into a unique real-time multi-player internet game that is not so centered on micro-management.
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Tags: game simulation space ascendancy qt opengl cpp
AscendancyA space simulation game
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Various game projects by Eric & Jérôme Charpenay.

Dead End : Initially a survival game played in first person, but the design changed and the goal is now to make an FPS with an open world and original graphics. The name of the project might change soon. The game is based on the Deep Black Engine, a DirectX10 game engine developped with the game.

Nova War : A multiplayer space action game using DirectX10.

DirectX Raytracer GPGPU : A real-time raytracing rendering program ...

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A historically-based and future-looking spaceflight simulator. The player can fly several space vehicles and rockets, travel to the bodies of the solar system, and complete a variety of missions.


* Fly several spacecraft from history and the future, including the Apollo spacecraft, Saturn V, and Space Shuttle.

* Breathtaking 3D views of the solar system. Planets and moons are accurately modeled, including terrain and atmosphere.

* Realistic orbital mecha...

Galactic Fall
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"Galactic Fall" is a very simple 2D space shooter designed to be a clone of "Escape Velocity" but also striving to be much more than that.

Although written as an OpenGL accelerated 3D application it has very simplistic graphics.

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Tags: space glsl opengl cpp game
The spacegame project for my first semester in Games Programming MSc
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Midnight Mars Browser is a program used to download Mars Exploration Rover (MER) images and view them in slideshow and panorama format. Version 2.0 is an Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) application.

System RequirementsWindows or Mac OS X On Windows: Java 1.4 or later (Mac OS X comes with Java installed) 512 megs of RAM minimum Large amounts of hard-drive space for storing images. DocumentationUser Guide (in progress)

Advanced Topics

Developer Documentation


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Tags: strategy invaders shooter monkey space opengl sdl c
A cross platform, space strategy/shooter game. Written in C++ with the use of OpenGL and SDL.
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Tags: space shooter arcade 2d c glut opengl
2 Player competitive arcade style space shooter.