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PHP-Qt is a language binding for Qt that allows you to write Qt application with the PHP language. Its goal is being a base and supplement for further bindings such as Akonadi, Plasma and other KDE related software as well as enabling PHP developers to write desktop applications.

PHP version 5, with its new object oriented features, turned into a language that can be used for writing desktop software. A widely believed legend says PHP is a web-oriented language, but in truth the language i...

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PHPMyGame is a library written in php and JavaScript. It makes text-based game making simple and enjoyable without extra coding. The library is very flexible and easy to use. There is more than one way to do something for new and old developers.
ircPlanet Services
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The ircPlanet services are a suite of P10-based channel, operator, and nickname services written in PHP for ircu2.10.08 and above. They are extremely object-oriented and run from the command line.

Additionally, a central core of common service code is at the base of each service, making it easy for service developers versed in PHP to write their own ircu services quickly and easily.

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Scherzando makes building small websites (5-15 pages) easy, by separating content from layout.

Scherzando is a combination of a php script for your website and a client for your mac, that let's you define the structure of the website and edit the contents.

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Appcaster + OpenFeedbackThe Appcaster open source project is actually two projects working together.

Appcaster is a PHP management console for indie Mac developers. It's a complete solution for selling your Mac applications on your website. It manages your product's revision history, generates Appcast feeds for Sparkle, stores your downloads in Amazon S3, processes orders via PayPal, and generates license files for your users using the AquaticPrime framework. If your application uses Spar...

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btselfstorage allows you to give your friends a lump of harddrive space which they can use to backup their data and vice versa. This way you can solve each other's backup problem.

Your data is strongly encrypted with 256bit AES and transferred efficiently with bittorrent.

btselfstorage only takes care of the distribution of the data. You will still need a backup system of your own choice to create the backup files to be distributed.

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Medieval Battles is a free, browser based, multi-player online strategy text game is set in an original medieval fantasy world. There is nothing to download. All you need to get playing right away is a valid email address.

Medieval Battles is built with PHP, a MySQL database backend. We also use a combination of Prototype and Scriptaculous for visual effects and an AJAX experience in some elements of the game.

I came here from MedievalBattles.com or DecoyMedia.com, what happened?

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