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iTunesRails 0.8.1This open source project provides a web interface to the iTunes application running on the same machine. iTunesRails allows people sharing a work space and local computer network to control a common iTunes instance and shared music collection. It can also be used for events and parties. The mission of iTunesRails is to help make music-playing in common spaces more social and collaborative.

While the computer running iTunesRails must be running Mac OS X 10.5, anyone on the...

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Tags: osx rubycocoa rails ruby
This page will only host the latest and/or development build DMGs for RoRGate

The source code is now hosted in github: http://github.com/juanger/rorgate/wikis

Follow the changes in my blog http://xocoruby.blogspot.com

RoRGate is a meta-application written in RubyCocoa that allows you to:

Create site specific browsers(I call them Gates) to distribute Ruby on Rails apps as if they were native OS X apps. Embed your ruby on rails app for more portability(using sqlite...

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Ruby One-Click Installer for OSX

This package is the most simple way to equip your Macintosh Apple OSX System with Ruby - similar to the Windows Ruby One-Click Installer. It replaces the broken Readline library, updates to a current version of SQLite3 and makes your OSX ready for Rails, which needs at least Ruby 1.8.4 to run. The current Ruby Version is 1.8.6 (1.8.5 is recommended for Rails) and Rubygems 0.9.4.

This package's intention is to stay small while being a Universal Binar...