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Apache Camel
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Apache Camel is a powerful rule based integration framework which provides a POJO based implementation of the Enterprise Integration Patterns using an extremely powerful fluent API (or declarative Java Domain Specific Language) to configure routing and mediation rules. The Domain Specific Language means that Apache Camel can support type-safe smart completion of routing rules in your IDE using regular Java code without huge amounts of XML configuration files; though Xml Configuration inside Spr...
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The WSO2 ESB is an ultra fast, light-weight and versatile Enterprise Service Bus based on the Apache Synapse ESB. It allows you to Connect, Manage and Transform service interactions between Web services, REST/POX services and Legacy systems.

WSO2 ESB is released under the Apache License v2.0

Apache Synapse
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Apache Synapse is a simple to use, lightweight and high performance Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) from Apache.

It can deal with SOAP 1.1/1.2, REST, POX, Plain Text, Binary, Hessian, FIX and other types of messages over non-blocking http/s, JMS (1.0/1.1), File systems (s/ftp, CIFS, local, tar/zip/gz..), Mail (POP3, IMAP, SMTP), AMQP, TCP/UDP, XMPP and others. It can also deal with initiating/terminating WS-Addressing, WS-Security and WS-Reliable Messaging

Please note that the project h...

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Tags: performance modules ipc widget apache c rest
1. Use linux, apache and process(prefer c) implements RESTful web service(prefer JSON data structure)

2. Use xhtml, css and javascript implement client side pages.