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This project has grown in the past years and became the most advanced web cms for clan and esport related pages. It features modul management, template and language switching and so on. It supports a wide range of php versions and database drivers.
[7 users on Ohloh]
XOOPS Cube is an open-source content management system which allows webmasters to create dynamic content websites with great ease. It is an ideal tool for developing small to large community websites, intranet portals, corporate websites, weblogs, and many more. Please take a look at our wiki section for further details and let us bring your website to a new level.
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Clansuite is an object-oriented, modular CMS designed especially for eSport teams and clans. PHP 5+, Doctrine, Smarty, Ajax. - Easy, comfortable, fast, flexible
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ZoneIdeas is a tool based on PHP5 intended to help organize and rate Ideas in you company, group or your self.
[2 users on Ohloh]
lulzBB aims to be the most secure, optimized and easy to extend bulletin board (and CMS) on the internet.

The design is new and pretty neat (totally object oriented) and the template system lets the designer/user choose how everything will look and be used.

[2 users on Ohloh]
PhenixApp is a php application based on the great Zend Framework library (CMF).

Its a little more then a sandbox of ZF.

The main feature is the multilanguage (i18n, i10n) support for all content and url.

phpBB French Translation
[2 users on Ohloh]
Welcome to our Ohloh's project of the French translation for the phpBB™ software!

Here you are able to download the full package of phpBB™ translated into French. There are also the latest nightly builds of our language pack.

Have fun!

Webzeile CMS
[2 users on Ohloh]
Webzeile CMS is a content management system based on the PHP language.
[1 users on Ohloh]
Epheket is an assocation of individuals who have made common cause to create some Free Software for everyone, which members are from all over the world. We like to promote a community spirit amongst those who contribute to and use our software. Years of practise and gained experience let us introduce you as good as it is possible applications. Ambitious members of our crew will help you with a pleasure, to solve any kind of problem. We want to introduce our offer and give you opportunity to get ...
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HaveFnuBB is an OpenSource bulletin board software with the goals of being Fast, Light and Fun !

Its strength resides in the modules that you can add to extend its functionality.

And at least, the heart of the HaveFunBB! is called Jelix, the PHP5 framework !

The Liki
[1 users on Ohloh]
“The Liki” is a PHP-powered Wiki featuring AJAX based live content updates of the browser display in (near) realtime.
phpBB American Translation
[1 users on Ohloh]
Welcome to our Ohloh's project of the American translation for the phpBB™ software!

Here you are able to download the full package of phpBB™ translated into American. There are also the latest nightly builds of our language pack.

Have fun!

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Viscacha is a free bulletin board system with an integrated content management system. The intention of the software engineers is to combine the current standards with new and user friendly features. The system supports plugins and components for easily extending the core system. Viscacha uses an database abstraction layer to support as many databases as possible. Currently there is only a layer for the open source database engine MySQL. With this software you can easily set up a complete (perso...
Xoopserver Portable Wamp
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XOOPServer is a portable Windows Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin with required extensions to run and test locally XOOPS Cube Legacy Distributions (modular content management system).
Xoopserver - Portable WAMP environment for XOOPS Cube
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Community-ID is an OpenID implementation in PHP which is OpenID 2.0 compliant. Community-ID is build to 100% on Open Source software and is release under the BSD license. Users can keep track of their trusted sites and manage them.

For Community-ID administrators statistics are available to track registration of new users, authorized users per day or the number of trusted sites. Administrators can set the site in maintenance mode or send emails to all registered users.

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Using the Shindig PHP Code in an Zend Framework based application is not as easy as it should be, so this Project should create an easy module for using OpenSocial in a Zend Framework Project
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RedRacer is a web-based source code repository, aggregating open-source contributions from the community.
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StikiWiki is a re-implementation of Google Code's wiki system (henceforth GCWiki). It allows for multi-wiki hosting, just like Google Code's multi-project hosting. This can be disabled, however, leaving StikiWiki with a single wiki that it manages. It is 100% compatible with GCWiki's WikiSyntax (henceforth GCWikiSyntax).

Just like Google Code's wiki, StikiWiki can load wiki pages from .wiki files. All wiki pages are versioned, using one of two methods. (As of now, this feature cannot be di...