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NoxBot is an totally event based IRC bot system written in PHP5. It supports dynamicly loading and unloading plugins. This means its a modular bot and can easely be extended to suit your own needs. It currently is still in development but is already quite usable (It is infact used on freenode in #noxbot and #peragro). Besides modularity it is also portable, easy to use, free and much more.
Combo Validation
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ComboValidation is a class meant to validate HTML forms via PHP and JavaScript in the simplest possible way. All you need to do is to create an array of form fields' information with the required parameters and then call a few methods. It is customizable (validation and view), Always backward-compatible, cross-browser (IE6+, Firefox2+, Opera7+, Safari3+, and all Mozilla based browsers), very well tested, easily integratble, lightweight, extensible, PHP 4 and 5 compatible, multi-lingual, and XHML...
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i-doit is a web based Configuration Management Database (CMDB) written in PHP5. It is used for an ITIL-compliant documentation of IT. The name stands for „i document it“. The target of the project is to provide an open source ITSM framework.
ircPlanet Services
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The ircPlanet services are a suite of P10-based channel, operator, and nickname services written in PHP for ircu2.10.08 and above. They are extremely object-oriented and run from the command line.

Additionally, a central core of common service code is at the base of each service, making it easy for service developers versed in PHP to write their own ircu services quickly and easily.

Tequila Framework
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Tequila, Fast, Easy, Powerful PHP code in seconds.

Tequila is a highly productive PHP framework to code faster and better.

Tequila uses a powerful workflow, an advanced security engine.

Good coding standards, patterns and Object oriented to help you work less not suffer more :)

Use Sunrise generator to make your applications in seconds (from DB), or code them using minimum amount of code.

Maintaining and extending your applications is fast and easy with clear divisi...

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Simple to use library that handles a lot of things for you.
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Html widgets library
PHP5-based rich-GUI html widgets library for php projects

Based on PIWI library and redistributed by LGPL license