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bot chat chatting client cross-platform eventdriven event-driven internet-relay-chat ircbot ircu lejban linux modular modules mysql objectoriented object-oriented oop osx php plugin plug-in plugins plug-ins rss service unix windows
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NoxBot is an totally event based IRC bot system written in PHP5. It supports dynamicly loading and unloading plugins. This means its a modular bot and can easely be extended to suit your own needs. It currently is still in development but is already quite usable (It is infact used on freenode in #noxbot and #peragro). Besides modularity it is also portable, easy to use, free and much more.
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Tags: ircbot php5 php irc bot mysql
topgames it's a php irc bot which makes iRC funnier

mySql 4.0 or higher with at least 1 user and 1 database miniDB topgames.
You can download it from the download section php with
bcmath extension

characteristics:revolutionary iRC games bot it has great stability great control of channels and users it stores all the information in a mySql database so you can make a web that interacts with the bot cross OS mad...

ircPlanet Services
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The ircPlanet services are a suite of P10-based channel, operator, and nickname services written in PHP for ircu2.10.08 and above. They are extremely object-oriented and run from the command line.

Additionally, a central core of common service code is at the base of each service, making it easy for service developers versed in PHP to write their own ircu services quickly and easily.

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Tags: irc php5 php oop ircbot
Phergie is an IRC bot written in pure PHP 5 with an OO API.
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Tags: ircbot bot chat php5 lejban rss irc php
FeaturesModularized OOP Dead easy to implement your own modules Multichannel Spam protection (Output-buffer) Channel logging (either eggdrop format or custom) Bot logging with nine different levels from nothing to email alerts Future time based events e.g. send xxx message in three hours Included Moduleslist is extensive, this is summary)

Bot Admin!admin Autheticate as an admin .help Shows help for admins .lsmod Shows loaded modules .insmod Loads a module ....