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Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Trac uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management. Our mission; to help developers write great software while staying out of the way. Trac should impose as little as possible on a team's established development process and policies.

It provides an interface to Subversion, an integrated Wiki and convenient report facilities.

Trac allows wiki markup in issue descriptions and c...

Mozilla Add-ons
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Mozilla Add-ons hosts extensions, themes, dictionaries and other add-ons for Mozilla products such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Mozilla Suite, SeaMonkey, and Sunbird.
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NoxBot is an totally event based IRC bot system written in PHP5. It supports dynamicly loading and unloading plugins. This means its a modular bot and can easely be extended to suit your own needs. It currently is still in development but is already quite usable (It is infact used on freenode in #noxbot and #peragro). Besides modularity it is also portable, easy to use, free and much more.
Scrum Burndown plugin for Trac
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The Scrum Burndown plugin shows a burndown chart on your Trac site.

The burndown chart shows the amount of remaining work for a milestone.

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Tags: planning timecard version-control versioning filemanagement timetable timetracker timemanagement timetracking timeline managementtool managed manager issue-tracking issuemaintenance issuetrackingsystem issuetracking ticketsupport filesystems tickettracking ticketing ticketing-systems tracker tasks tracking task-list filemanager filesharing project project-planning project-management software-development ajax php cakephp development web2.0 design filetransfer file-transfer business enterprise bug-tracking pluginmodel bugtracking bug-tracker bugreporting bugmanagement bugsmanager issue office wikifier schedule manage plugable plugin pluginexpandable plugintechnology plugings project-monitoring timestamp filehost filer filelist project-collaboration fileshare projectmanager projects versioncontrolsystems plugin-manager ticketsystem ticketstatus issues issuemanagement issuetrack issuemanagment php5 file-management bugfinding version timekeeping timeclock projecttracking messagebox tickets ticketmanager plug-in plugins moderation issuetracker issue-tracker bugtrace filebrowser filename fileupload wikiengine versioncontrolsystem wikisoftware pluginframework taggable tagging wikirenderer mysql webbapp permissions logging message permission versioncontrol acl tag acls tagsystem tagger tagcloud tags versioninfo versionssystem versionning taskmanagement support ticket messages filesystem files file wiki managementsystem managelist timesheet file-sharing wikiboard task time-tracking plug-ins pluggable programming accounting versionmanager planner ticket-system versionmanagement versiontracker scheduling projectmanagment project-mangement project-manager project-controlling projectmanagement project-reporting collaboration organisation organization productivity management bugreporter bugreport bugtrack bugs bugtracker wiki-toolkit wikitext bug dynamic-content tools calendar work-breakdown-structure scheduler work web teamwork
Completely customizable, CakePHP based project management system for firms, their teams and their clients.

A project management system that will suit your needs because it is module based, so it can grow and shrink with your requirements.

Version 0.4 beta was released March 23, 2009.

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Orx is a portable, easy to use, data-driven, 2D-oriented game engine.
Prism Studios
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create tutorials within applications that are written on top eclipse's rcp.

prism studios is a set of plugins that provide any eclipse based rcp client applications with capture, record, and playback. also, based on GEF, is the studio that provides functionality to the end user to edit, manipulate, annotate the captured playback script. this script, along with the captured screen shots files (saved as png's), can be imported/exported to an xml structured format.

More interesting tha...

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Community collection of plugins for SuperCollider
Lifecycle Manager
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Tags: plug-ins python trac project-management
Lifecycle Manager is a full-featured collaborative project management environment seamlessly integrating project milestones, requirements, tickets, documentation, and artifact versioning in a multi-user concurrent service-oriented infrastructure. Lifecycle Manager may be used to record, predict, and evaluate performance of project features and teams, allowing better planning and management of development efforts ranging from simple to complex.
OGRE Add-ons
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Ogre is a very extensible engine, and we have a very active community who have produced many add-on projects which are not officially supported by the core team, but have proven extremely helpful to users and have provoked much discussion and collaboration in the forums. Many of these are hosted in the Ogre CVS repository, under the 'ogreaddons' module, to promote collaboration and to make them easy to locate. Many people have asked for a quick reference to the add-ons and how to get hold of the...
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MOVEDMoved to http://github.com/mikedemers/database-counters/tree/master

Database CountersAdds two database counters to the log for a request:

total number of requests that were made total number of rows that were returned ExampleEnabling in a Controller:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
# ...

database_counters :on

# ...
endWill result in log output that ends like so:

Completed in 0.05835 (17 reqs/se...

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Tags: java swing plug-ins ide
This project to be a interface within plug-in, look as eclipse ide but built in Swing's components.
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Tags: plug-ins windows c#
Personal Office is a multi-purpose Windows application fully based on plug-ins. Basically the main application is just a "host", it does not have any knowledge on what plug-ins are doing, what are their menus or toolbars etc. The plug-ins are automatically confuguring the "host" application (the "console") telling it what they can do and how.

Currently, the project is at a concept level only, testing if all things planed are possible. The only plugin (Rich Text Editor) is now "hardcoded" ...

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PlugSuit is a plug-in manager and injector for Mac OS X 10.5 and later which aims to replace the traditional InputManager venue of injection that Apple deprecated in 10.5. It provides a compatibility layer for older plug-ins and is a full replacement for the SIMBL plug-in manager.

Although an older version of PlugSuit supported Mac OS X 10.4, the current in-development version works on 10.5 and later only.

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Quick text is a plug-ins for the popular editor notepad plus plus. Using CTRL+ENTER allows code segment to be inserted quickly. The plug-ins also has option for Add/Modify quick tags. Which changes the QuickText.ini file. The project file is maintained specially for java,php,html languages.

Codepress is a web based editor with has similar functionality. Its language files are used for quick text by pressing TAB.

Netbeans has this feature known as Code Template. The modified code te...

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This project is about how the user interface programming of bigger enterprise projects in Eclipse RCP can be made easier.

Eclipse RCP includes a large number of technologies that can be useful in an application and provide a good, rich user experience. Some of the more important technologies are EMF, data binding, UI Forms, control decoration and field assist.

But using these technologies out of the box, usually means you have to do a lot of boiler plate code for each widget - in i...

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Tags: plug-ins eclipse
Update SiteMultiPage Editor Tab TraverseScreenshotNote on implementationInstallationSampler Plug-inReverse Text Selection Plug-inGoogle Clips Plug-inScreenshot Plug-inClick It! - Desktop screen shot utilityReorder Plug-inFeatures Plug-ins Fragments Plug-in

This project hosts Sandip Chitale's Eclipse plug-ins.

Update Sitehttp://sandipchitaleseclipseplugins.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/SandipChitalesEclipsePluginsUpdateSite/

MultiPage Editor Tab TraverseThe MultiPage editors such ...

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Traduction française des extensions du CMS TYPOlightTYPOlight possède dorénavant son propre système de dépôt d'extension.
Ce projet n'a donc plus de raison d'éxister.
Je vous conseille donc d'aller sur cette page :
http://www.typolight.org/extension-list.htmlTYPOlight webCMS est un système de gestion de contenu spécialisé dans la génération de pages accessibles et conformes aux recommandations W3C/WAI. C'est un projet Open Source développé par Leo Feyer ...
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Tags: plug-ins cms module extension typolight
Extensions for the TYPOlight.