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eZ Components
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eZ components is an enterprise ready general purpose PHP components library by eZ systems. As a collection of high quality independent building blocks for PHP application development eZ components will both speed up development and reduce risks.

An application can use one or more components effortlessly as they all adhere to the same naming conventions and follow the same structure.

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Tags: ela archive plugin wordpress
Extended Live Archive(ELA) is a very cool WordPress plugin, which can generate a clean, structured archive page with fantastic visual effect.

Here is two screen shot:

by date

by category

The development of the original ELA stopped in June 22nd, 2006, the final version is 0.10 beta R18, which is for WordPress older than version 2.3. Because of the changes of WP database structure, the original ELA did not work in WordPress 2.3 or later. Nevertheless, blog...

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Tags: plugin archive manage files publications upload php wordpress
Descriptionwp-publications-archive is a Wordpress plugin that allows administrators to upload and manage all sorts of files (i.e., publications). Additionally, end-users are able to navigate, search, and download them in the front-office.

FeaturesCurrently, it supports publications upload and management, categories assignment and management, and file extensions management.

This plugin provides integration with Wordpress Search, by allowing to search publications metadata (i.e., key...

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Tags: feed archive blog plugin dokuwiki php
The Blog Plugin adds blogging features to DokuWiki. The blog component displays a number of recently added wiki pages from a given namespace in reverse chronological order. The archive component lists blog entries for a given month. And the feed component generates an RSS or Atom feed.