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TDD Productivity Plugin for ResharperThis is a plugin for the popular Visual Studio Addin Resharper.

This plugin adds additional Context Actions that reduce the keystrokes and mouse clicks required to perform Test Driven Development.

The goal of this project is to prototype features which make TDD in Visual Studio easier than the Drag & Drop programing that Visual Studio was designed for. It would be great if these features were rolled into Resharper or Visual Studio.

MediaPortal Plugins
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Tags: mediaportal c# tv mediacenter windows plugin
MediaPortal plugins and skins which are not part of the MediaPortal core project. Any MP plugin developer or skin designer is welcome to publish his plugin/skin in this project.
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Jeto is a project to create a portable, innovative application platform based on the ECMA Common Language Infrastructure (ECMA-335) standard. It provides an application foundation library (called Emotion) with advanced support for audio/video playback and capture, vector graphics, hardware querying and access, dealing with measurements, networking, application preferences, and more.

Jeto is also intended to be layered on top of other operating system kernels to form Jeto distributions. We ...

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DrC# (DrCSharp) is an integrated C# development environment that supports interactive evaluation of expressions.
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Empinia is a plugin-framework for developing GUI-applications for Windows under .NET. It provides a clean, modern architecture that let's you easily extend as well a being extendible by other software. That way your application stays maintainable and clearly arranged.

Empinia is written in C#. You may use other .NET-languages as well.

Empinia is the result of a cooperation between the ifu Hamburg GmbH and the University of applied Science FHTW Berlin, Study Programme Industrial Env...

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This project provides helpful libraries for C# application development.
Rich Browser Platform
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Rich Browser Platform provides tabbed web browser by default and plugin architecture. So everyone can extend for one's purpose under CC License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/).

Now, 0.3 supports IronPython.

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Tags: plugin framework windows c#





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Windows Live Writer Google Image SelectorWhat is it?Aside from being a mouthful it's a Windows Live Writer plugin

which allows you to easily insert images from any Google Picasa Web Album

into your blog posts. It's simple to install and very easy to use.

How to use ?The images are displayed in the Windows Live Writer sidebar Simply click on an image to insert them into your blog post Supports all embeddable formats from Google Picasa Web When will it be available for downloa...

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Currently imports lyrics from http://lyricwiki.org/, using the web services provided by them.

Its written in C#.

This requires iTunes 7.0 or above and .Net 2.0 .

New release 1.1Changesa few bug fixes update will now skip the song, for which the lyrics already exists in itunes. InstallationUninstall previous version Download the latest version and install

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Tags: plugin writer windowslive c#
A Windows Live Writer plugin that highlights code keywords, comments, etc. using inline CSS, suitable for blog posting. Other, similar plugins exist - this is for my own personal edification.
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Programmable microfluidics, using multi-layer soft lithography, are lab-on-chip systems that can automate biological computations or experiments by integrating a diverse set of biological sensors and by manipulating fluids at the picoliter scale.

Micado is a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tool for designing and controlling programmable microfluidics, featuring:

standard and customizable design rules automatic routing between control valves and punches automatic generation of control i...

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FnordBotFnordbot started out as a simple client for testing my chat-algorithms, but evolved into an extensible IRC bot, based upon a layered IRC protocol framework suitable for implementing other clients. The bot runs as a windows service, and a MSI installer is included.

LibIrc2LibIrc2 is a layered IRC protocol framework. You can decide how much of the framework to use:

Network layer contains simple methods for sending and receiving data from the server. Protocol layer contains lo...

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Tags: assembly plugin c# .net2.0
Allows to easily integrate plugins into your application.

Features :
- Dynamic Assembly loading
- Runtime plugin finding
- Unload Assembly at runtime
- Shadow copy support
- Detect changes in assembly

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foodborne illness is a dangerous illness/disease because when your not careful and you haven't cook your food all the way through you can get food Poisoning. but anyway foodborne illness is also consumed when the animal is at the stock house before butching.
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Tags: devtool plugin windows utility c#
Visio - DSL - Word Add-In
Описание процесса развёртывания системы Вопросы, на которые пока непонятны ответы Описание оболочки для обработки Undo\Redo событий Установка шаблонов в визио Полезные ссылки Последняя ревизия с логгером: #118
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Description:A set of Graffiti CMS plugins that render a Silverlight photo gallery on a post page. They use the the open source Slide.Show Silverlight photo gallery control.

Versions:Version 1.2This is the most current version. Uses a slightly customized version of the improved Slide.Show2 control. Slide.Show2 is written in 100% managed code using Silverlight 2.0 and deployed as a XAB file. It requires Graffiti CMS 1.1 or above.

This version currently contains two photo gallery plug...

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Tags: cpp mapreduce gfs c# plugin web
This project just create the kernel of a plugin-based web site. Everyone can extend it or use other's extensions by its rules.
The responsibilities of the kernel are:
1. plugin management. (Definition, Version, Permission)
2. user/role/permission management.
3. storage and computation services. (DB, Distributed File System, Parallel Computation)
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Gurtle is a TortoiseSVN issue tracker integration plug-in for projects hosted at Google Code.
Plugin Collection for Windows Live
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Tags: this snippet code digg c# 2-0 .net plugin blogging
A collection of miscellaneous plugins for Windows Live Writer that use exploratory "hacks" to get around limitations in the Windows Live Writer API.