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TDD Productivity Plugin for ResharperThis is a plugin for the popular Visual Studio Addin Resharper.

This plugin adds additional Context Actions that reduce the keystrokes and mouse clicks required to perform Test Driven Development.

The goal of this project is to prototype features which make TDD in Visual Studio easier than the Drag & Drop programing that Visual Studio was designed for. It would be great if these features were rolled into Resharper or Visual Studio.

MediaPortal Plugins
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Tags: mediaportal c# tv mediacenter windows plugin
MediaPortal plugins and skins which are not part of the MediaPortal core project. Any MP plugin developer or skin designer is welcome to publish his plugin/skin in this project.
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Jeto is a project to create a portable, innovative application platform based on the ECMA Common Language Infrastructure (ECMA-335) standard. It provides an application foundation library (called Emotion) with advanced support for audio/video playback and capture, vector graphics, hardware querying and access, dealing with measurements, networking, application preferences, and more.

Jeto is also intended to be layered on top of other operating system kernels to form Jeto distributions. We ...

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DrC# (DrCSharp) is an integrated C# development environment that supports interactive evaluation of expressions.
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Empinia is a plugin-framework for developing GUI-applications for Windows under .NET. It provides a clean, modern architecture that let's you easily extend as well a being extendible by other software. That way your application stays maintainable and clearly arranged.

Empinia is written in C#. You may use other .NET-languages as well.

Empinia is the result of a cooperation between the ifu Hamburg GmbH and the University of applied Science FHTW Berlin, Study Programme Industrial Env...

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This project provides helpful libraries for C# application development.
Rich Browser Platform
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Rich Browser Platform provides tabbed web browser by default and plugin architecture. So everyone can extend for one's purpose under CC License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/).

Now, 0.3 supports IronPython.

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Box SharpWhy Box SharpDo you want to launch your MSN at anytime just by typing "MSN" instead of looking for the icon in the huge start menu?

Do you want to search something in google at anytime just by typing "google something" instead of launching your browser, visit google, type "something" and press the button?

Do you want to calculate a math expression at anytime just by typing "1+(5-2*3)/4" instead of launching your calculator,think about the priority and press hundreds of but...

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Tags: plugin optimus c#
Optimus Winamp Plugin. A plug-in for Optimus Mini Three keyboardPlug-in allows to specify a folder or CD disc with a music and play back it in Winamp.

Download installation file

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DevExpress 9.1.3+ Users: You need to upgrade to CR_Documentor version or later.

DevExpress 9.1.2 Users: You need to use CR_Documentor version

Users of earlier DXCore versions: You need to use CR_Documentor version or earlier. Check out the downloads list to see which one is appropriate for your situation.

Writing XML documentation comments in .NET can be troublesome sometimes because you can't really see what it's going to look l...

QuotesPlugin for Windows Live Writer
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Tags: 2-0 c# writer live windows plugin
The QuotesPlugin for Windows Live Writer lists quotes from web sites such as quotes4all.net.
It's very easy for you to select your favourite ones and insert them into your blog posts.
The plugin is developed in C# and you are welcome to join me to make it better.
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Tags: framework c# dotbackup plugin
This project includes some external archivers and other functionality.
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This reflector plugin will scan through a method and the methods it calls, to find out what exceptions can be thrown. The analysis is similar to that done by the java compiler, which has exception specifications built into the language.
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Tags: ini config plugins plugin c c#
A lightweight plugin loading system for C# 2.0 and later. ExtensionLoader uses the Inversion of Control design methodology to separate interfaces from implementations. Implementations can then be loaded and configured at runtime for a powerful plugin system and config file parsing in just a few lines of code.

* Start() and Stop() events for all extensions
* Loads plugin classes from the current application, dynamically loaded assemblies, or .cs source code compiled at runtim...

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Windows Live Writer is a lovely tool for blogger to manage they entries. But even so, there is some thing annoy us about. That is the unnecessary code that WLW insert to control over some object created by plugin. Here is an example: id="guid1:guid2"
style="padding-right: 0px; display: inline; padding-left: 0px;
padding-bottom: 0px; margin: 0px; padding-top: 0px">

Well, this plugin will help you remove them from yo...

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MyLeech MediaPortal PluginA plugin for mediaportal to allow mediaportal users to search four search engines and download files from newsgroups using HellaNZB as a backend.

Features:Auto TV Series Search and Download! Four search engines : Binsearch,NewzLeech,NZBIndex and NZBClub
Auto filtered and auto removal Search.
Advanced search options through Binsearch and NZBIndex.
Auto folder monitor for c:\hellanzb\finished which moves music and video ...

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Tags: plugin visualstudio c# jetbrains resharper
Agent Johnson PluginPlugin for JetBrains Resharper.

Named after the excellent Agent Smith plugin by Sergey Zyuzin.

Beta Build 1.5.2 (Beta) for Resharper 4.5.1212The beta build is for Resharper 4.5 build 1212. Hopefully this will work with the final release of Resharper 4.5.

What's New in 1.5New refactorings Implement ISerializable. Implement ICloneable. Implement IDisposable. Implement proxy class. New context actions Make virtual method abstract. Make abstract class virtual...

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Tags: c# hotkeys plugin nwn2
If you want to participate to the development of this plugin, contact me by e-mail (see my profile on the vault, or guess my e-mail adress ;o).

Reminders : 1) I'm a beginner at programming, so be prepared to encounter some frightening code. 2) I'm a beginner at making SVN projects and managing such collaborative projects. 3) I'm not perfectly at ease with English speaking, I might write strange sentences. :o)


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Tags: .net plugin c# outlook
This is a very simple MS Outlook plugin that scans outgoing message for words that indicate you meant to attach something and prompts you if it looks like you forgot to attach the file.
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Tags: c# atmosphere plugin toolset nwn2
Modders have the right to work in a cool and friendly environment, so here this plugin comes into play, bringing some funny sounds and... That's all about it for now. :o)