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Tags: plugin gmail calendar ruby rails api
IntroductionGoogleFu provides a plugin and source code that make it easy to access data through Google Data APIs using Ruby on Rails. Currently there are two services - contacts and calendar. But it is easy to extend the plugin to use other Google services. The plugin includes the RSS library 0.2.4 written by Kouhei Sutou. You can download the latest RSS library at http://www.cozmixng.org/~kou/download/rss.tar.gz

Installing GoogleFuETA

It is pretty hard, isn't it?


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Tags: plugin activeresource rails ruby api website spongecell widget event calendar
Sponger now works with rails 2.1!Sponger is a simple plug-in for creating and modifying calendars, events, and calendar widgets with the Spongecell API. This will easily allow you to create any sort of application or web site that uses events. Sponger is built on top ActiveResource which is included in Rails 2.0. ActiveResource can be used outside of rails if you copy out the ActiveResource libraries from the rails project.

Sponger is developed inside of the Spongewolf project located a...