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The most used console irc client
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Pidgin-paranoia is a plug-in for Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim) that provides information-theoretically secure encrypted conversations using one-time-pads.
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NoxBot is an totally event based IRC bot system written in PHP5. It supports dynamicly loading and unloading plugins. This means its a modular bot and can easely be extended to suit your own needs. It currently is still in development but is already quite usable (It is infact used on freenode in #noxbot and #peragro). Besides modularity it is also portable, easy to use, free and much more.
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An IRC bot written in Python, using the Twisted framework.

It has a simple but powerful plugin system. Plugins that already exist include:
* RSS feeds,
* karma,
* CIA-style RCS integration using an XMLRPC interface,
* weather reports

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A generic application platform, with an architecture loosely based on that of the popular multi-protocol instant messenger Miranda. It is implemented in pure Qt (c++) and will therefore run on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Current functionality includes a minimal Jabber client, with SSL and MD5-DIGEST authentication (meaning it can be used with google talk and most jabber hosts), support for multiple accounts and jabber 'transports'.

The core program is ...

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tcpfile is a filetransfer / filesharing / instant messaging java(1.6) program offering zipped and fully encrypted (RSA,AES) communication.
WinPopup Protocol
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WinPopup Protocol is a protocol plugin for Miranda IM. It allows to send and receive messages from computer to computer without using dedicated servers over Microsoft Network ( SMB ). Its MS WinPopup, net send, VikPoup, RealPopup, Netter etc. compatible.
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A Moodle 123flashchat module
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Google Talk side block plugin for Moodle

Google Talk side block plugin deploys the Google Talk VoIP, chat and email gadget in Moodle as a side block. Ideal for keeping learners and tutors in touch when they're on Moodle. It's a very simple single-file script that's easy to install and requires no configuration.

InstallationDownload and unzip the googletalk.zip file Upload the directory "/googletalk/" containing the "/block_googletalk.php" script to MOODLEROOT/blocks/ Login to Moodl...

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Notice 2009-04-12Version 1.1.1 is up. Last version caused all chat sessions to crash, it is now fixed.

Version 1.1.0 is up. It fixes some memory leaks, fixes the nicks in the logs. And there is a new version for windows. For complete list of changes, see the CHANGELOG

Update from any earlier version is highly recommended.

For windows users, there is a newer simplier installation. Remove the old mimetex.bat file, it is no longer in use. Simply put mimetex.exe in C:\Windows\ a...

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Tags: xml plugin jabber chat
Tessa is a cross-platform Jabber (XMPP) client, going with the idea that all parts should be implemented in modules/plugins.

It is written in C++ and Lua.

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Project InfoThe aim of this project is to create an exemplary collaborative testing tool called TPTeam by using the Eclipse Equinox and Communication Framework (ECF) projects. This goal is achieved by the development of three components:

TPBuddy™, a client GUI utilizing the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) TPBridge™, an event-driven plug-in that bridges communication across Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) using the freely available infrastructure of Google Talk. TPManager™, a server-side...

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Tags: ria weather silverlight wcf chat plugin game
a SilverLight Plugin Application.
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Tags: emote pirates puzzle plugin game chat music sound player
Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates is a game developed by Three Rings. In the game, one of the core features is chat - where players can communicate with other players. The aim of this project is to develop a tool to sit alongside the game and provide sound clips that can be created and shared amongst players - and can be played using in-game pre-defined commands. This is achieved through the use of chatlog monitoring.
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Tags: messaging xmpp4r plugin chat jabber xmpp rails ruby
UPDATE: http://yeti-factory.org/2008/2/28/sleeping-mongrel-handlers May be of interest to people who want to further research the effect of a bulk of sleeping mongrel handlers on their server. In testing, the Rails app showed to still be responsive while the threads were sleeping (granted, the trivial code). More anecdotal production use notes are still required, tho. Also: in the testing, the server showed itself to eventually reach an error condition with "too many open files" caused by t...
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This project is an a reanimation of FChat - one of the famous p2p chat programs for local networks. Original FChat was with support of IRC protocol and itself FChat protocol based on UDP datagrams.

In this project we have this.

Several Plugins for original FChat. NextChat - the first attempt implement FChat protocol on Linux. Developed in Kilix it can be runed on Red Hat. Program have not full suport of protocol and unstable. FChatPZ this is chat program based on FChat protocol dev...

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foodborne illness is a dangerous illness/disease because when your not careful and you haven't cook your food all the way through you can get food Poisoning. but anyway foodborne illness is also consumed when the animal is at the stock house before butching.
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This is a set of Joomla Extensions that I've been using on several sites and decided to release them as open source. I'm in the process of updating them to Joomla 1.5 and PHP 5 before releasing as open source.

Availability and StatusThe components are all on different states of development. Here's a brief list of available components and their state:

A Contact Form component that visitors of your site can use to send you comments over an email. This component is finished and stable...

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A modular IRC bot with some modules that can be loaded and unloaded during runtime.
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Tags: client chat gaim pidgin translation language plugin
Lingua Franca is a plug-in for chat clients which enable translation of chat messages to user configured language.

Below are the basic features

User can translate all the incoming chat text to language of his preference User can translate all outgoing chat messages to language of his choice User can translate outgoing chat text to a particular buddy from his list Any combination of 1,2,3 is possible (for ex he may have set 1 on 2 off and 3 on , etc)
Note: language tr...