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IDE Wiki for Eclipse
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IDE Wiki integrates SnipSnap in Eclipse IDE and allowed easy SnipSnap browsing and editing in Eclipse and project documention with java class linking.
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This is a static analizer in mode plugin of eclipse for java. This project was created by Christian Portilla Pauca and Yvan Florez Mayorga. This is a project for a course called Object Technology in San Agustin University - Arequipa - Peru




Este es un analizador estatico en modo plugin de eclipse para java. Este proyecto fue creado por christian Portilla Pauca e...

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Tags: javascript documentation mavenplugin plugin maven2 jsdoctoolkit jsdoc maven
Introductionjsdoctk-plugin aims simply to create a Mojo around JsDoc Toolkit so that you can run it from within maven. Inside the plugins' jar is a packaged version of JsDoc Toolkit which gets temporarily unpacked into your target directory and is then used to run JsDoc Toolkit on your webapp directory. As a result you can now, easily and without a hassle, create documentation for your javascripts within a maven project...

ProgressA new version based on the JsDoc Toolkit 2.0.1 is finally ...

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Last update, 14.06.2009. Read more on the News.

AboutBDoc documents behaviour specified by unit tests. In its easiest form it is like TestDox, creating simple documentation from the method names in JUnit test cases.
In its more advanced form it can produce a quality report, describing userstories and behaviour implemented by the code. This will give extra value to the developers and testers of the team. It will contribute on giving attention to unittesting, test-driven dev...

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Tags: rulebased plugin query documentation
Dynamic Code Documentation using logic source code queries. The project contributes a src code parser, a logic-based query engine and documentation IDE plugin.

Looking for other Members: Please contact me.

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Tags: database generator documentation schema plugin mssql sqlserver flexwiki wiki
fwSqlSchema: A FlexWiki plugin for generating schema documentation on the fly for a SQL Server 2000/2005 database via the various metadata facilities available in Microsoft's SQL Server RDBMS product.

The plugin understands and can display table definitions (including primary/foreign key relationships, NULLable fields, and default values), stored procedure definitions, lists of objects, object dependencies, and data dumps (tables of data formatted for easy readability).

Object defi...