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XOOPS Cube is an open-source content management system which allows webmasters to create dynamic content websites with great ease. It is an ideal tool for developing small to large community websites, intranet portals, corporate websites, weblogs, and many more. Please take a look at our wiki section for further details and let us bring your website to a new level.
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Geeklog is a weblog powered by PHP and MySQL and, optionally, Microsoft SQL Server. It allows you within minutes to set up a fully functioning dynamic website, and has many features to get you started.
Sphinx for phpBB
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Tags: forum search phpbb3 php phpbb sphinx plugin board
A search plugin for the popular bulletin board phpBB. It allows a phpBB forum to use the sphinx indexer and search deamon to perform searches. These are much more scalable and performant than the built in search. Check out sphinx on http://www.sphinxsearch.com
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Clansuite is an object-oriented, modular CMS designed especially for eSport teams and clans. PHP 5+, Doctrine, Smarty, Ajax. - Easy, comfortable, fast, flexible
glFusion CMS
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glFusion is a full featured Content Management System written in PHP. glFusion provides basic content management, as well as, a multi-media system, collaboration, and file management systems. Based on the mature Geeklog code base, glFusion has a pedigree of stability and security.
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Joomla 1.5.x Component

Ninjaboard is a revolutionary, native forum component for Joomla 1.5, and has been built to take advantage of the new MVC framework in Joomla 1.5. This gives it a much stronger and more easily expanded base of code than most other forum components. It is also able to make use of the extensive joomla 1.5 API.

Ninjaboard allows you all the benefits of a native non bridged component while also delivering advanced professional forum qualities.

Manage multiple...

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The most popular bulletin board system which is written in php, in Korea
Jojo CMS
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Jojo is a PHP based CMS for web developers wanting to build good websites. We like sites that are fast, standards compliant, easy to manage, search engine friendly and easy on the eye.
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Epheket is an assocation of individuals who have made common cause to create some Free Software for everyone, which members are from all over the world. We like to promote a community spirit amongst those who contribute to and use our software. Years of practise and gained experience let us introduce you as good as it is possible applications. Ambitious members of our crew will help you with a pleasure, to solve any kind of problem. We want to introduce our offer and give you opportunity to get ...
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Viscacha is a free bulletin board system with an integrated content management system. The intention of the software engineers is to combine the current standards with new and user friendly features. The system supports plugins and components for easily extending the core system. Viscacha uses an database abstraction layer to support as many databases as possible. Currently there is only a layer for the open source database engine MySQL. With this software you can easily set up a complete (perso...
Xoopserver Portable Wamp
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XOOPServer is a portable Windows Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin with required extensions to run and test locally XOOPS Cube Legacy Distributions (modular content management system).
Xoopserver - Portable WAMP environment for XOOPS Cube
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Tags: discuss forums forum plugin rails ruby
discuss is a Ruby on Rails plugin which provides an easy to integrate discussion forum.

Discussion forums are useful things, helping to build a sense of community amongst your users that is otherwise hard to achieve. Unfortunately a lot of forums are bloated and packed with features that, while some may find them useful, ultimately prevent developers from easily integrating them.

discuss is different - it's designed to be integrated into an existing website.

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Tags: vc theme plugin bbs forum blog php
Open PHP code ,include blog and forum program,or their plugins. and some other VC projects etc...
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This is a free for download for any licensed customer of the forum software vBulletin. This works with version 3.5 and above. And is just a small example of a product. The code will be a single xml file one can import directly from the control panel as administrator. It will work with any loaded style, comes with phrases to translate the text to any installed language and is very easy to expand upon or disable or even uninstall without affecting the functionality of the board.
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Tags: php plugin mod mybb forum kde
Project Details

This project has been set-up to serve as an SVN repository of all MyBB plugins/hacks implemented at the KDE Forum board.

All plugins are licensed under GPL/LGPL version 3.
You can use it freely wherever you wish to. Please do not remove copyright information from the plugins when installing on your MyBB board. The KDE Forum team is in no way responsible for any sort of damage/loss incurred by the use of these MODs.

Source Code

You can ch...

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What is OnePress Community?The OnePress Community theme framework is an integrated website and forum solution for Wordpress. It is, simply, a Wordpress theme to serve as the foundation and framework for your web site and online community. Leveraging the powerful Wordpress and phpBB projects, OnePress provides a set of features focused on helping you build and maintain your site from the inside out. With this set of tools, you can easily run your community and do so with professional presentation...
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Tags: extend plugin theme forum
Osimo is a highly themeable and extendable forum system (currently in very early stages of development). It aims to bring the idea of "web 2.0" to forums through javascript and ajax.