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Totem is a media player for the GNOME desktop environment using GStreamer or xine as a backend. It also includes a browser plugin compatible with Windows Media player targeted websites, and has a plugin system itself, allowing C, Python or Vala plugins to extend Totem and add functionality.
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Tags: vala plugin v4l2 gstreamer video
Project is to make v4l sink for gstreamer so that programs aware only about v4l could make use of gstreamer effects.
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Tags: plugin 3dvideo gstreamer
Now there are many different way to combine two video streams into a 3D video, by color (with colorized glasses), by area (with polarized light screen and glasses), by time (with double refresh rate and glasses). So the gstreamer plugins is required to do this combinations.
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Tags: plugin vorbis flac audio gstreamer nautilus gnome ogg
Nautilus extension to convert audio files to a different format, using the GStreamer framework.