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Tags: plugin image photography jquery photo animation spip
Splickrbox is a jQuery plugin that animate image badges the same way as Flickr badges.
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GREYCstoration is an image regularization algorithm which is able to process a color image by locally removing small variations of pixel intensities while preserving significant global image features, such as edges and corners. The most direct application of image regularization is image denoising. By extension, it can also be used to inpaint or resize images.
Media Plugin for CakePHP
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CakePHP plugin enabling transfer/manipulation/embedding of (media) files in 2300 ways.
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Photologue is a reusable Django application that provides powerful image management and manipulation functionality as well as a complete photo gallery solution. The 2.0 release adds more effects, including reflections and transparent watermarks. It also introduces the ImageModel abstract base class allowing developers to easily integrated the Photologue core functionality into their own models. Photologue embraces the Django admin and smoothly integrates with photo thumbnails and effect previews...
ImageJ Plugins
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The 'ImageJ Plugins' project is a source of custom plugins for the Image/J software. Image/J is a public domain image processing and analysis program developed in Java (http://rsb.info.nih.gov/ij/).
Slimbox Wordpress Plugin
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Wordpress plugin used to overlay images on the current page into neat Javascript-powered overlay popups.
This plugin includes the new Slimbox 1.64 javascript written by Christophe Beils and got transformed into a Wordpress Plugin by me. Slimbox is a 7kb visual clone of the popular Lightbox JS v2.0 by Lokesh Dhakar, written using the ultra compact mootools framework. It was designed to be small, efficient, more convenient and 100% compatible with the original Lightbox v2.
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WP FancyBox is a plugin for WordPress to overlay images on the page with zoom animation using the modified version of FancyBox (http://fancy.klade.lv).

Screenshot in action


(Obviously, the above screenshots don't use FancyBox to appear -- we can't do this in Google Code, so they are just plain links to Flickr. Sample page is coming...)

Quick GuideTo display image in FancyBox, your img tag should include class size-thumbnail, e.g.:

WordPress does this a...

kPicasa Gallery PHP4MOD
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kPicasa Gallery PHP4MOD is a Wordpress Plugin which displays your Picasa Web Galleries in a post or in a page.

You can either choose Lightbox or Highslide to view your images. Pagination, thumbnail configuration and some more features are available.

Please note that the major codebase is done by Guillaume H├ębert and is derived from his great kPicasa Gallery Plugin. I have done the port to PHP4 plus some additional features.

EXIF tag
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This plugin for SPIP pa new tag to access the EXIF data of photos directly form your template
Lightbox Wordpress Plugin
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Wordpress plugin used to overlay images on the current page into neat Javascript-powered overlay popups. This plugin includes the new Lightbox JS v2.0.4 javascript written by Lokesh Dhakar and and was then transformed into a Wordpress Plugin by me.
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PPT is an Image Processing Suite for the Amiga microcomputer.
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Tags: thumbnail plugin image s2 struts2
The Struts 2 Image plugin adds a thumbnail tag and image validators.
SPIP Frimousses IV
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Tags: emoticons plugin spip image smileys
This SPIP plugin will automatically replace the textual smileys in the spip articles by corresponding images.
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IntroductionThis plugin adds support for scaling background images using a 9-grid. Developers can specify a grid for selected elements which causes the background-image to be scaled selectively, depending on what part of the grid the background lies.

Parts of the background which lie in the corners of the grid will not be scaled and parts in the sides of the grid will only be scaled in one direction. 9-Grid scaling can be applied to an element through one line of code:


Spip Orientation Plugin
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This plugin provides new criterion for DOCUMENTS loop in SPIP templates to select images according to their orientation: portrait, landscape or square.
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Tags: plugin viewer image
SDD-ICU looks to overcome the shortcomings of the standard Windows Image Viewer, and make the user interface more intuitive.

ICU will allow the user to view images in multiple directories and allows multiple instances of the program to be open. This allows the user to go through organized subdirectories, and to compare images side by side.

The viewer does not degrade the quality of an image needlessly when a file is rotated multiple times by saving the alterations multiple times. T...

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Tags: thumbnail image attachment plugin rails ruby
This is Not a Working VersionThis plugin tries to bring in the best of attachment_fu and is_attachment into one plugin with much more flexibility in thumbnail managment.

Wether attachment_fu or is_attachment asset and their generated thumbnail are much to tightly coupled in my opinion.

The basic idea is to be able to do this when you want to add a none standard thumbnail to your asset without recreating the hole set of thumbnails (with attachment_fu you need to tweak options to do ...

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simplyScroll is a jQuery plugin that can animate (scroll) a set of elements either automatically or manually, horizontally or vertically. It can also accept dynamic image input via a Flickr feed (note not API) or a local JSON source. This plugin can be performance intensive, so speed and framerate are fully configureable to accomodate lower spec systems.


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ContentFlow is a flexible CoverflowTM / ImageFlow like flow written in javascript, which can handle any kind of content. It's distributet under the MIT License.

With ContentFlow it is now possible to have any number of flows within one web-page. Each separately configurable, satisfying different visual needs.

It's easy to implement and to extend. It can auto generate reflections (clientside)! You can add and remove content items on the fly You are free to define your own methods ...

Insert from Windows Live Image Search
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Tags: image search writer live windows plugin
Allows you to do an image search using Windows Live Search and put the resulting image into a blog entry.