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A runtime for VRML and X3D virtual worlds and models.

OpenVRML includes a core runtime library,
parsers for VRML97 and VRML-format X3D, an OpenGL renderer, and a Mozilla Web browser plug-in.

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EQdkp Plus is an Open Source DKP system written in PHP/Mysql created to administer DKP points especially for World of Warcraft.
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URGENTPlease update your plugin version. I was make several changes to make work better. Thanks.

Features:Creates tables to store data feeds Provides templates for: Add/delete/update_entries feed, show entries by feeds, list feeds. Support RSS 0.9, RSS1.0 , RSS2.0 and ATOM REQUIRE: open-uri feed-normalizer hpricot Current Version: 0.1HOW TO USE


script/generate feeder

rake db:migrate (To create the tables)

Class Mehods:

is_feed? (ur...