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Jaws CMS/Framework
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Jaws is a Framework and Content Management System(CMS) for building dynamic web sites. It aims to be User Friendly giving ease of use and lots of ways to customize web sites, but at the same time is Developer Friendly, it offers a simple and powerful framework to hack your own modules.
Sphinx for phpBB
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Tags: forum search phpbb3 php phpbb sphinx plugin board
A search plugin for the popular bulletin board phpBB. It allows a phpBB forum to use the sphinx indexer and search deamon to perform searches. These are much more scalable and performant than the built in search. Check out sphinx on http://www.sphinxsearch.com
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Tags: ui search logic plugin rubyonrails
Usually reports are generated with the restrictive assumption that all search conditions must be true. It's hard to present a user interface that lets real people create complex sentential logic. The interface must be easily visualized and understood, and must import and export well-formed strings. Ethan Pooley and I prototyped this method in 2004, and this plugin is my Ruby on Rails port.

Once the user has created a sentential logic string, you still need to do something with it. The Rub...

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Tags: plugin search python django
A couple of days ago, we discussed ideas of realizing a completely pluggable search app, which requires no modification of the existing apps, models and DB. This is in fact a question for Wheel 2.0, but in times of Mythbusters and DIY, reinventing the wheel seems to be fun, and sometimes required for understanding the basic mechanics of a matter.

For further information, read on in the wiki starting here: http://code.google.com/p/django-search-app/wiki/WikiHome

We're totally lookin...

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While working with WikkaWiki, we have developed several add-on actions or have added various functionality. Whether or not any of these additions are appropriate for inclusion in the release code is yet to be seen. Either way, they have been documented on the WikkaWiki site and shared here for anyone who may consider them a worthy addition to their WikkaWiki installation.

Instructions for installation are included in each tarball or in the online documentation as linked in their correspon...

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DOMercury can do much more than just launch programs. It can search through your files, append text to files, search the internet or specific web pages, manage windows, grep files, and much more.
Insert from Windows Live Image Search
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Tags: image search writer live windows plugin
Allows you to do an image search using Windows Live Search and put the resulting image into a blog entry.
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Tags: plugin plug-in search visualstudio dxcore
Visual Studio & DXCore plug-in that allow you to right-click and kick off a Google seach of the selected text.
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Tags: plugin search yahoo wordpress
Quickly and easily use Yahoo! for searching your site.
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Tags: toolbar grep find search plugin eclipse
Add a view with a simple search utility over the current active text editor. In the result table are displayed all the text lines containing the desired pattern (grep-like). It is possible to make three different pattern searches at the same time. The results are highlighted in different colors (Google Toolbar-like).

All the instruction for installation and use of the plugin are at this site: SimpleSearch

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Tags: search firefox plugin idea intellij
Searches for the current word or selection via Firefox search plugins. The plugin directory is user-specified, so it may be the live Firefox search plugins directory or a separate directory containing only relevant search providers.

Additionally, the plugin is extensible via writing new search plugins. Both .xml and .src formats are supported.

Certain search engines prefer to group phrases using quote marks, e.g. Google, so it's possible to define these.

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Tags: search code programming plugin java eclipse codesearch
A Plugin for Eclipse to perform searches using Google Code Search. If you don't know what's Google Code Search go to http://codesearch.google.com and type 'System.out.println'.
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Meyshans Ultimate Search King for wordpress. The widget that powers the wordpress blog with ultimate search. Description: Meyshan Meyshan's search King, has build with yahoo ui, google suggest style, google multi search, yahoo multi search including images, adsense, and Google custom search engine, snap preview and more and more...
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Tags: operatingsystem ajax search plugin filesystem
A embedded file management system with plug-ins as an alternative to independent applications. A system based on folder free file management.

By use of a partially active code base this project intends to make a online file space with dense history.

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Tags: firefox site plugin search mozilla university brook stony
A Stony Brook University Mozilla Site Search Plugin provided by SBUGuide.


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Tags: cubit plugin search bittorrent p2p azureus
Cubit is an Azureus plugin that enables approximate keyword searching of torrents within the Azureus client. It provides accurate and useful results even with errors in the search terms, stemming from misspellings, typos, truncations and common spelling variations.

Cubit works by creating a keyword metric space that encompasses both online clients and keywords and navigates this spaces using a loosely structured peer-to-peer overlay to find nearby keywords accurately and efficiently.

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Tags: search plugin eclipse java
This plug-in lets users search a text while they are typing in a text box. It's very similar to Microsoft's "Help", Mozilla's "Find" and other features.

Feature available for all editors where user can search with standart Eclipse find/replace dialog.

Plug-in currently tested at the Eclipse-3.3 and only for Windows platform.

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Tags: highlight search plugin activescaffold rails
ActiveScaffoldHighlightQueryThis AS plugin highlights query words on search results.

Requirements ActiveScaffold 1.1.0rc1 or higher

Install% cd vendor/plugins
% svn export http://activescaffoldhighlightquery.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ active_scaffold_highlight_queryQuick Startjust search as usual!

Settingsin your active_scaffold config context

config.search.colors = %w( red blue ... ) # for setting highlighted background colors

Twitter Search
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Tags: gem rails api twitter ruby search webservice plugin
Access the Twitter Search API from your Ruby code.
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Acts_as_tsearch is a plugin for Ruby on Rails which makes it simple to implement scalable, full text search for Rails if you're using PostgreSQL as your database. It wraps the built-in full text search engine of PostgreSQL with a familiar 'acts_as' implementation.

The primary author Ben Wiseley of ActiveRain explains their motivation: While scalability problems with acts_as_ferret (likely through our own ignorance) led us to develop this we'd love to thank acts_as_ferret for providing an...