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eZ Components
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eZ components is an enterprise ready general purpose PHP components library by eZ systems. As a collection of high quality independent building blocks for PHP application development eZ components will both speed up development and reduce risks.

An application can use one or more components effortlessly as they all adhere to the same naming conventions and follow the same structure.

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Centreon is a network, system, applicative supervision and monitoring tool, it is based upon the most effective Open Source monitoring engine: Nagios. Centreon provides a new frontend and new functionalities to Nagios.

It allows you to be more efficient in your network monitoring, but also allows you to make your supervision information readable by a largest range of users. Indeed, a non technical user can now use the Centreon/Nagios couple to easily understand your network infrastructure ...

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XOOPS Cube is an open-source content management system which allows webmasters to create dynamic content websites with great ease. It is an ideal tool for developing small to large community websites, intranet portals, corporate websites, weblogs, and many more. Please take a look at our wiki section for further details and let us bring your website to a new level.
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Clansuite is an object-oriented, modular CMS designed especially for eSport teams and clans. PHP 5+, Doctrine, Smarty, Ajax. - Easy, comfortable, fast, flexible
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Epheket is an assocation of individuals who have made common cause to create some Free Software for everyone, which members are from all over the world. We like to promote a community spirit amongst those who contribute to and use our software. Years of practise and gained experience let us introduce you as good as it is possible applications. Ambitious members of our crew will help you with a pleasure, to solve any kind of problem. We want to introduce our offer and give you opportunity to get ...
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Tags: extensions ninjaforge plugin php joomla security ninjoomla
Want to stop being being scared of having your site hacked or defaced?

Would you like something as simple to use as a virus scanner for your Joomla!™ Website? If so then you urgently need NinjaSecurity!

NinjaSecurity is a system plugin that monitors the what is called GPC data. Any incoming data is scanned for specially defined patterns, which you can modify as you want and if it detects these paterns, then any asttempts will be blocked and the Hacker will then be banned after the at...

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tcpfile is a filetransfer / filesharing / instant messaging java(1.6) program offering zipped and fully encrypted (RSA,AES) communication.
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OverviewActive Authentication is a modified version of acts_as_authentication designed to authenticate users against Active Directory and automatically adds them to the database.

InstallationInstallation is similar to acts_as_authenticated, first you install the plugin:

./script/plugin install http://activeauthentication.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/activeauthenticationNext generate your model and migrate the database:

./script/generate authenticated user account

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DescriptionIf you are worried about your WordPress blog getting hacked, this can help immensely. It adds a 2nd layer of security to your blog by requiring a username and password to access anything in the /wp-admin/ folder.

How it worksThe plugin is simple, you just choose a username and password and you are done. It writes the .htaccess file, without messing it up. It also encrypts your password and creates the .htpasswd file, as well as setting the correct security-enhanced file permiss...

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Tags: exploit rake massassignment security plugin rails ruby
This SVN repository is no longer active! The project has been MOVED to GitHub:



The audit_mass_assignment Ruby on Rails plugin contains a rake task that checks the models in your project for the attr_accessible whitelist approach for protecting against "mass assignment" exploits. It does not check for use of attr_protected!

If a Rails model does not use attr_accessible, it fails this audit. The audit does not chec...

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Tags: compiler c plugin browser security c++ google
Native ClientNative Client is an open-source research technology for running x86 native code in web applications, with the goal of maintaining the browser neutrality, OS portability, and safety that people expect from web apps. We've released this project at an early, research stage to get feedback from the security and broader open-source communities. We believe that Native Client technology will someday help web developers to create richer and more dynamic browser-based applications.


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safeAjax is a jquery plugin and php ajax connector pair

I wrote this plugin & connector pair to password protect web pages and safeguard my ajax communications and actions from my web pages.

It's based upon chris shifletts article: the truth about sessions

Sample HTML: this page WOULD be protected

$('#pageProtector').safeAjax({ debug: true, login: true, ajaxConnector: './rwCon...

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Tags: plugin webscarab webapplication csrf scanner security
CSRF Plugin for webscarab