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AnyEdit Tools
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AnyEdit Tools plugin for Eclipse adds several new tools to the context menu of text- based Eclipse editors, to output consoles, to Eclipse main menu and editor toolbar. AnyEdit contributes also Import/Export working sets wizards.

AnyEdit Tools adds new actions to "Compare With" and "Replace With" menus in both editors and files.

AnyEdit Tools contributes new "Convert" menu in both editors and files, including such actions like "To / From Unicode/Base64/Html entities/Camel case".

Filesync plugin for Eclipse
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FileSync plugin for Eclipse is a file synchronisation tool.

The main goal is to keep files outside of Eclipse projects in-sync with Eclipse project files. The plugin works as builder in Eclipse and will synchronize all changes on Eclipse project files to mapped external folders. E.g. if a file is created, changed or deleted in Eclipse, then the mapped (external) file will be created, changed or deleted too. Please note, that synchronization works is only in one direction - from Eclipse to...

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Tags: planning timecard version-control versioning filemanagement timetable timetracker timemanagement timetracking timeline managementtool managed manager issue-tracking issuemaintenance issuetrackingsystem issuetracking ticketsupport filesystems tickettracking ticketing ticketing-systems tracker tasks tracking task-list filemanager filesharing project project-planning project-management software-development ajax php cakephp development web2.0 design filetransfer file-transfer business enterprise bug-tracking pluginmodel bugtracking bug-tracker bugreporting bugmanagement bugsmanager issue office wikifier schedule manage plugable plugin pluginexpandable plugintechnology plugings project-monitoring timestamp filehost filer filelist project-collaboration fileshare projectmanager projects versioncontrolsystems plugin-manager ticketsystem ticketstatus issues issuemanagement issuetrack issuemanagment php5 file-management bugfinding version timekeeping timeclock projecttracking messagebox tickets ticketmanager plug-in plugins moderation issuetracker issue-tracker bugtrace filebrowser filename fileupload wikiengine versioncontrolsystem wikisoftware pluginframework taggable tagging wikirenderer mysql webbapp permissions logging message permission versioncontrol acl tag acls tagsystem tagger tagcloud tags versioninfo versionssystem versionning taskmanagement support ticket messages filesystem files file wiki managementsystem managelist timesheet file-sharing wikiboard task time-tracking plug-ins pluggable programming accounting versionmanager planner ticket-system versionmanagement versiontracker scheduling projectmanagment project-mangement project-manager project-controlling projectmanagement project-reporting collaboration organisation organization productivity management bugreporter bugreport bugtrack bugs bugtracker wiki-toolkit wikitext bug dynamic-content tools calendar work-breakdown-structure scheduler work web teamwork
Completely customizable, CakePHP based project management system for firms, their teams and their clients.

A project management system that will suit your needs because it is module based, so it can grow and shrink with your requirements.

Version 0.4 beta was released March 23, 2009.

Extended VS Presentation
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Tags: software-development feel look presentation skin plugin eclipse java
Extended VS Presentation plugin for Eclipse contributes powerful editing sessions management and highly customisable and very useful Eclipse skin ("look and feel").

"Editing sessions" management allows you remember opened editors set (session) and reload it any time later. This is useful if you often switch from one to another context (see also bug 105896). If you ever used Opera browser, you know the trick ;-)

The skin does not only have all "default" Eclipse presentation featur...

FUJABA Tool Suite
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The primary topic of the Fujaba Tool Suite project is to provide an easy to extend UML, Story Driven Modelling and Graph Transformation platform with the ability to add plug-ins.
CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition
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CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition is a freely downloadable set of plugins that CollabNet provides for the Eclipse IDE. This integration works with and is part of all CollabNet products: CollabNet Subversion, SourceForge Enterprise Edition, CollabNet Enterprise Edition and CollabNet CUBiT. The package consists of a suite of Eclipse plugins united under a common framework that allows developers to access any of the CollabNet Platform components that they use from within the Eclipse development e...
JDepend plugin for Eclipse
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JDepend4Eclipse plugin for Eclipse is a wrapper for running JDepend from within Eclipse.

- What is JDepend? (from www.clarkware.com):

JDepend traverses Java class file directories and generates design quality metrics for each Java package. JDepend allows you to automatically measure the quality of a design in terms of its extensibility, reusability, and maintainability to manage package dependencies effectively.

Advanced JDepend documantation are available as online help i...

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DrC# (DrCSharp) is an integrated C# development environment that supports interactive evaluation of expressions.
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Tags: plugin eclipse software-development ada ide
A new Eclipse Plugin for ADA developpement. For the moment the plugin works with :
- Syntax coloration
- Compilation (Not debug mode)
- Autocompletion
- Package manager (some imporovement have to be done)