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Byteflow is a blog engine, written on Django.
Universal Feed Parser
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Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python
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JPA is the weblog publishing assistant
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Tags: plugins wsgi blog cgi python paste restructuredtext
PyBlosxom is a file-based weblog system. It originally started out as a Python clone of Blosxom but has since evolved into a beast of its own. PyBlosxom focuses on three things: simplicity, extensibility, and community.
Django Diário
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Diário (diary in portuguese) is a pluggable weblog application for Django Web Framework.
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Tags: cgi plugins python weblog blog wsgi
Zine is a personal publishing platform a.k.a. weblog engine written in Python. It's Open Source, free and developed with a focus on security and usability.
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WiKo is a very simple but powerful python script which takes files with wiki content in a given directory and either builds a web, a LaTeX article or a blog. It is very recommended to use it in tandem with a collaborative versioning system such as cvs or subversion in order to publish on commit.
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A microblogging tool.

The development is under Bazaar for source control, and it is being used itself for tasks & bugs management.


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Tags: plugin blog python turbogears pluggable
gibe is a TurboGears web log server application, written in Python. It supports themes and plugins.
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Tags: cms python django blog data ngo sme

Web Service for Small and Medium Enterprises Community software for Non Profits Free and Open Source Software PANTOTO model is especially useful in sectors such as social development, schools, and small and medium size organizations:

These organizations work directly with beneficiaries, capture, create and work intensively with data, information and knowledge. Dependency on technical professionals to build information management systems causes delays. The cost of hiring suc...

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phonese is the software that drives the moblogging community http://phonese.cx/.
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Tags: blog pingback python xml-rpc
PyPingback is a small Python module providing Pingback client functionality. One function that takes the source and target URIs, returning the XML-RPC string response in success, or raising one of a number of explanatory exceptions for fault logging.

It tries to be robust in its handling of dead/broken web servers, unpingable sites, and URIs which should not logically be downloaded in full.

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Tags: qt python blog kde
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Tags: django blog python
Blog program developed with Python and Django based on Blogmaker.
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Wordmobi is S60 client for wordpress written in Python for Nokia mobile phones, helping you to manage your blog while saving time and bandwidth. Common blog operations, like posting, approve comment, post delete, comments visualization, for instance, are possible using wordmobi.

After installing Python for S60, install the latest stable Wordmobi version (Wordmobi 0.8.1 for Python 1.4.5 or Wordmobi 0.8.1 for Python 1.9.5).

See ChangeLog for version details. See Installing for init...

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Tags: blog turbogears python
Blogging software on the TurboGears platform.
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sHoXMS will be the next world ruling content management system written in Python.
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Tags: qt4 python blog restructuredtext colubrid
A PyQt blogging tool
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Tags: python djangoapp blog
Banjo is the premier Django blogging application. It includes features such as multi-site functionality, integration with desktop blogging tools, feed support, and multiple types of post markup.