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Tags: gajim gtk chat jabber instant-messaging xmpp python
The goal of Gajim is to provide a full featured and easy to use Jabber client. Gajim works nicely with GNOME, but does not require it to run.
PyICQt: ICQ transport for Jabber
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PyICQt is an ICQ transport written for XMPP/Jabber written in Python/Twisted. It provides a mechanism for XMPP users to log in to their ICQ accounts and communicate with friends from ICQ.
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Plugin based multi-IM communicator. ncurses or gtk2 (in progress) based GUI.
Support for different protocols: irc, jabber (including gmail), gg (gadu-gadu largest polish IM), tlen, nntp (read only).
PyYIMt: Yahoo! transport for Jabber
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PyYIMt is an Yahoo! transport written for XMPP/Jabber written in Python/xmpppy. It provides a mechanism for XMPP users to log in to their Yahoo! accounts and communicate with friends from Yahoo!.
PyAIMt: AIM transport for Jabber
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PyAIMt is an AIM transport written for XMPP/Jabber written in Python/Twisted. It provides a mechanism for XMPP users to log in to their AIM accounts and communicate with friends from AIM.
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PySoy is a cross-platform Python module which enables developers to easily build custom Python-based 3D games.

The engine features integrated physics, Ogg multimedia support, advanced rendering options such as bumpmap textures, and an optimized C-based rendering system for high framerates.

The purpose of the PySoy project is to enable more people to develop "commercial quality" copyleft games.

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CJC is a Jabber/XMPP client for text terminals. It uses pyxmpp library for XMPP comunication and curses for screen output. It is not fully-featured yet, but still quite usable. Its user interface is resembling those of popular IRC clients like irssi or BitchX.
PyIRCt: IRC transport for Jabber
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PyIRCt is an IRC transport written for XMPP/Jabber written in Python/xmpppy. It provides a mechanism for XMPP users to log in to an IRC server and communicate with friends from IRC.
Jabber Mail Component
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Tags: python pop email jabber imap smtp xmpp
JMC is a jabber service to check email from POP3 and IMAP4 server and retrieve them or just a notification of new emails. Jabber users can register multiple email accounts.
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Why gozerbot?

* provide both IRC and Jabber support
* user management by userhost .. bot will not respond if it doesn't know you (see USER)
* fleet .. use more than one bot in a program (list of bots) (see FLEET)
* use the bot through dcc chat
* fetch rss feeds (see RSS)
* remember items
* relaying between bots (see RELAY)
* program your own plugins (see PROGRAM...

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Jabbim is a client for communication over XMPP/Jabber protocol, written in the Python language using Qt (4.3), PyQt (4.3) and Pyxl library, which is a part of the client. The aim of the Jabbim client is to make Jabber approachable for common people, so it is a client for common users and beginners. Because of this philosophy the Jabbim client might not suit everyone.
PyMailt: Mail transport for Jabber
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PyMailt is an email transport written for XMPP/Jabber written in Python/xmpppy. It provides a mechanism for XMPP users to send and receive email.

Emails are sent via local SMTP, and are received from a local maildir.

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Tags: bot python xmpp jabber
Jabber Bot, written in python

Needs dnspython and xmpp-python.

It is rather stupid now. It just knows several commands like getting cinema schedule from afisha.ru and some more simple ones

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Tags: wokkel jabber python twisted xmpp
Wokkel is collection of enhancements on top of the Twisted networking framework, written in Python. It mostly provides a testing ground for enhancements to the Jabber/XMPP protocol implementation as found in Twisted Words, that are meant to eventually move there.
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Tags: xmpppy xmpp-client chat xmpp python
Library for handling xmpp with python. Written with jabberd2 in mind so it uses DISCO for browsing, privacy rules sets for invisible presence, SASL for authentication, TLS for security and so on...
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Tags: python pubsub xmpp jabber twisted component
A generic XMPP publish-subscribe service component.
Jabber Component Library
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Tags: library python jabber xmpp
JCL aims to create a common base for Jabber server components. It handle account registration and propose different component behaviors to inherit from (Presence, Ad-hoc commands management).
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Tags: xmpp jabber rss python
PyRSS is component for jabber servers (works with jabberd1.4, propably works also with jabberd2). PyRSS fetch rss and notify registered users.
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Tags: muc instantmessaging python xmpp jabber iphone
Транспорт, позволяющий находится в Jabber конференциях с клиентов на iPhone.

Вопросы по настройке можно задать в конференции kpk@conference.jabber.ru или в japyt@conference.jabber.ru

Всё в состоянии beta-версии

тут принимается любая критика\помощь\предложения

Готова версия 0.5!

Как правильно обновить читаем тут

(c) 2oo9 Disabler Production LabAratory

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Tags: web php notes log bot mysql xmpp jabber python
A jabber bot that records messages sent to it in a database.

Includes a web interface for viewing for the recorded messages.

More information coming soon.